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Yudhveer Singh Shaktawat, an Army Kid Who Turned His Love for Travel & Tourism Into a Successful Business of Luxury Hotels

Hotelier & Secretary, Maharana Pratap Smarak Samitiudaipur

Life is a journey meant to be enjoyed without worrying about the destination.
Life is a journey meant to be enjoyed without worrying about the destination.

Yudhveer Singh Shaktawat is a man of many talents. He is presently the secretary of Maharana Pratap Smarak Samiti and also owns an automobile business. Along with that, he is an avid protector of the nature and believes in sustainable development.

Yudhveer Singh Shaktawat is the secretary of the Maharana Pratap Smarak Samiti, Udaipur. He also owns a dealership of Hyundai cars in Udaipur and is proprietor of Ramji Hyundai, his exclusive automobile showroom. He also has an interest in the hospitality sector and says he will soon be coming with an excellent project in the city.

Coming from an army background, Yudhveer did a lot of travelling across the country in his childhood. His father was in an infantry division of the army and was transferred from one place to another from time to time. For that reason, Yudhveer was born in Patiala, but he did his schooling from various Army schools before finally ending up in Udaipur, upon the transfer of his father to the city. He pursued his secondary education from Maharana Mewar School in Udaipur. He did his and post-graduation courses from the College of Commerce and Management Studies. He has recently completed his BA LLB from Pacific University. Yudhveer was always an extrovert and used to participate in a lot of extra-curricular activities from the very beginning. His enthusiasm and leadership skills helped him become the president of the Youth Congress for Udaipur as well as for Rajasthan.

Yudhveer says belonging from an army background, his childhood was very different from that of a normal kid. His father being from an infantry of tanks, he always dreamed about tanks and other vehicles used in the armed forces. When he thought of setting up his own business, coming from a service based background, it was very difficult for him initially. He started with a farm-stay project called the Jagat Retreat which was in a remote area away from the city. He wanted people to know that not all hotels and stays are by the lake and wanted them to explore something new, a jungle-stay. But, he faced a lot of challenges as the area was lesser known and people would not travel away from the city a lot in the 2000s. Despite everything, his family supported him with all his plans and he was able to overcome all the challenges. Yudhveer believes it is necessary to go against the flow in order to learn something new..

Yudhveer feels that Rajasthan is a major tourist spot and most of its economy depends upon tourism or tourism related services. Hence, in order to survive in such a competitive marketplace, everyone who wants to enter this field should have a unique selling proposition. They should not let their energy down and always give their customers something to encourage them to visit again. He feels just like a pond needs new water every once in a while, a business should be innovated and re-innovated with new ideas from time to time to always have an upper hand over the competition.

Yudhveer believes there should be a right blend and balance between education and experience in life. Education may provide you with the basic knowledge of things but only experience would help one realize where and how to apply that knowledge. He also adds that not all fingers are the same and similarly, not all people are made for the same profession. Thus, one should always follow their passion and do what their heart says.

For Yudhveer, his role model in life is his father. He says every child always looks up to his father as being superman and he feels the same way. His father was always like a friend to him and despite belonging from a very orthodox Rajput family, his father was always liberal. His second role model is Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar, the royal heir to the throne of Mewar region and the president of Maharana Pratap Smarak Samiti. Yudhveer says he gets to learn a lot from him and he is the perfect example on how to keep the traditions alive in the modern era.

If he gets a chance to go back in time, Yudhveer says he would love to relive some of the moments in life but he would never want to change any instances or mistakes he made because he thinks all of them have contributed towards his learning and experience.

Success mantra for Yudhveer is perseverance. He thinks if you hold on to your dreams and never give up on them, there’s nothing that can stop you from being successful in life.

According to Yudhveer, Covid-19 pandemic was kind of a pause button for humanity. Everyone around the world had to face the repercussions and people learned to find happiness in the scarcity of everything. He also thinks that it was a disaster for businesses around the world but, when the lockdown period ended, all the businesses bounced back and are doing good again now. He also advises everyone to try and support the small businesses as they were the hardest hit by the pandemic. He believes the biggest lesson that the pandemic taught us is to never go against nature.

Yudhveer feels that the greatest success for a person is when the people look up to them. He advises everyone to always carry high ambitions in life.

Apart from his work, he loves to play paintball, go shooting or drive around the city in his collection of jeeps. He also loves to go on off-roading trips and visit nearby destinations with his friends.

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Yudhveer Singh Shaktawat, Hotelier & Secretary at Maharana Pratap Smarak Samiti, Udaipur

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