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Vinod Kumar Bangarwa, an NCC Group Commander Supervising Cadet Training and Inculcating Moral Principles & Life Skills in Their Personality

Group Commander, NCC Group Headquartersudaipur

Discipline and Unity are the building blocks of a strong nation.
Discipline and Unity are the building blocks of a strong nation.

Colonel Vinod Kumar Bangarwa is an NCC Group Commander who feels that discipline, punctuality, and sincerity are required to build a good value system in a person.

Colonel Vinod Kumar Bangarwa is working as Infantry Officer and NCC Group Commander at the Udaipur unit of the NCC for the past two and a half years.

Talking about NCC he shares that they have got a total of ten units of which two are Naval, one is Air Force and the rest are Army units. They have around 16500 cadets from 220 schools and colleges from 13 districts of Rajasthan.

Vinod was born in an army family and his father was also an Infantryman and was commissioned and commanded the 15th Battalion of the Rajputana Rifles. Being from an army family, Vinod completed his schooling at different institutions around the country. Vinod feels that it gave him an opportunity to learn about different cultures, traditions, ethics, languages, and customs.

From his school days, Vinod was into sports and played games like Cricket, Badminton, Tennis, and Volleyball and represented his school on Regional and National levels. He was school team captain for Cricket and Badminton.

He joined Maharaja College in Jaipur for his further studies. Here as well, he continued his journey in sports and became a captain in Cricket, Lawn Tennis, and Basketball.

Vinod says that getting into the Armed forces and getting commissioned in the same regiment as his father was a proud moment for him. He also finds pride in sharing that they also did one of the biggest operations in the Poonch sector in July 1990, where they terminated 45 militants in a span of three nights.

Vinod says that his journey has been challenging, informative, and momentous. He has worked in different terrains like that of the North-East and Rajasthan. He has been an Instructor in the Indian Military Academy and also in the Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School in Vairengte, Mizoram. He has also worked at the elite Commando wing in Commando Infantry School, Belgaum. He then got appointed at Black Heads Commando National Security Guard at Manesar.

Vinod shares that now he is posted in NCC and is getting an opportunity in molding the future of young cadets and making them into disciplined officers for life. He proudly shares that in the Thal Sainik Camp, Nau Sainik Camp and the Vayu Sainik Camp, and the Republic Day Contingents, the Udaipur NCC block fielded the maximum number of Cadets.

Vinod says that his father is his role model. He was of a rigid and courageous nature. He hailed from a rural family and worked hard to reach where he did in his life. He used to advise Vinod that there are no free lunches in life and that we should work hard to achieve our dreams.

Vinod shares that during the Covid pandemic everything came to a standstill. All the institutions were shut and the NCC syllabus also lagged behind. However, he says that they got into community service and their Cadets started helping the Civil Administration in performing their duties. From manning control centers to providing essentials to the needy, the NCC Cadets proved their mettle in times of need.

Vinod says that there are plenty of opportunities for NCC cadets. If they are a C or B certificate holder, they can get admission to various National Universities. They directly get a chance to sit in SSB interviews without having to take the written test. They also have NCC quotas and seats reserved in Medical and Engineering institutions.

Talking about his achievements, Vinod says that he was awarded the Best Firer award when he was a Lieutenant in 1991. In 1992 also, he was awarded the same among 250 officers. He has participated in Lawn Tennis at Service Level and Squash and Cricket at Commando Level. He was also given the responsibility of selection, training, and induction of NSG troops.

If given a Time Machine, Vinod would like to go back to his initial school days and relive those days. He would also like to pursue his interest in arts and crafts and spend more time with his family.

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Vinod Kumar Bangarwa, Group Commander at NCC Group Headquarters, Udaipur

Watch inspiring story of Vinod Kumar Bangarwa, Group Commander at NCC Group Headquarters in Udaipur.