Vineeta Gautum, an Organized Data Entry Analyst with an Eye for Detail

Data Entry Analyst, MaheTri Leather Works & Studio (

Only those who are willing to risk significant failure can ever attain significant success.

July 12, 2021

Only those who are willing to risk significant failure can ever attain significant success.

Vineeta, an employee at an e-commerce company in Udaipur, primarily focuses on data-related tasks.

Vineeta Gautam is a vibrant individual who is currently employed by an e-commerce company in Udaipur, her hometown. Her work is entirely based on data.

She holds dear the memories of her early years. The best part of her childhood, according to her, was riding her bike with friends back and forth from home to school.

The most difficult time that she went through was when her father’s health was very critical. At that time, she and her family faced a lot of challenges, and even her mother was left with no choice but to do a job. Due to her mother’s support, everything was back to normal very soon.

For her, the COVID period went very smoothly. She thoroughly enjoyed the entire period and had a wonderful time with her family. She felt, however, that in addition to all the fun, her studies were significantly impacted, disrupting her entire routine and schedule.

Drawing a comparison between education and experience, Vineeta says we cannot rely on either education or experience; both are equally important. Education provides us with knowledge, and this knowledge can be used to gain experience. A balance of both can do wonders.

According to her, experience is a necessary component of leadership. She served as the monitor at her school, which gradually helped her internalize this trait. Vineeta is an adaptable person who adjusts and adapts according to the situation. She tries to manage herself well in all situations.

Her role model is her father, who is actually an easy-going person. He deals with challenges and problems with patience, and without losing hope, she wants to be fearless and easygoing like her father.

If Vineeta could fly back in time in a time machine, she would love to relive her school days and enjoy those days spent with friends. She would also rectify some of the mistakes that she made, which later on popped up as obstacles for her.

Vineeta enjoys singing and listening to her favorite song, "Lag ja gale," over and over.

She firmly believes that failure is a necessary step on the road to success and that failure teaches us more than success ever could.

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