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Vijaylaxmi Galundia, Strongly Committed to Women Empowerment and Considers Literacy, Education and Values as a Prime Factors in Their Rise

Hotelier & President at Rotary Club Meeraudaipur

Never get sad and disappointed in life as life is meant to be truly lived and never to be compromised.

June 19, 2021

Never get sad and disappointed in life as life is meant to be truly lived and never to be compromised.

A strong proponent of women empowerment, and a prolific social worker, Vijay Laxmi has been a trailblazer as President of Rotary Club Udaipur Meera and the women’s wing of the Mahavir Yuwa Manch Sansthan.

Vijay Laxmi Galundia is by profession a hotelier and a social activist. She has done M.Com and was a Gold medallist in BCA.

Vijay Laxmi is currently the President of the Rotary Club of Udaipur Meera and has done around 300 projects and activities of social importance like environmental enrichment, adult literacy, free stiching courses for women enabling them to earn their livelihood, campaigns for clean water, hygiene and sanitation and conducting food distribution drives. Vijay Laxmi is also the President of the Women’s Wing of Sakal Jain Samaj leading around 5000 women today.

Discussing her journey in social work, Vijay Laxmi shares that before marriage she was very shy and studious, because of which she couldn’t pursue her hobbies of classical dancing, singing and cooking. However, after marriage, she got enough exposure to pursue her desires and this is when she stepped into the area of social work and since then she has been unstoppable.

The very objective of Vijay Laxmi is to work on women empowerment which she materializes every year on International Women’s Day by organizing a rally of around a thousand women which is known not just in Udaipur but in the entire country. She is also a master trainer on women empowerment and considers literacy, education and values as a prime factor in their rise since this is what they are going to propagate for generations to come.

Talking about her childhood days, Vijay Laxmi shares that she was not given enough liberty to venture out, however, her mother had been her constant support in appearing for job interviews after her post-graduation. Vijay Laxmi gives credit to her mother as she has always motivated her to reach heights. The same she has inculcated in her son and daughter who are today representing Rotaract Club Shaurya as a President and a Professional Director respectively.

She considers her mother and the founder of Sakal Jain Samaj Mr Raj Kumar Fattawat as her role models.

Speaking about her corona days, Vijay Laxmi shares that she kept an optimistic outlook during those times for she got an opportunity to spend time with her family, indulge in social work like food and mask distribution and take some motivational sessions to combat depression and anxiety through online platforms.

In her free time, Vijay Laxmi relishes singing, cooking and dancing with her daughter. If Vijay Laxmi were to fly in a time machine she would like to go back in time and fulfil her hidden incomplete desire of learning classical dancing.

Her viewpoint on leadership is that a leader is not someone who just represents himself or herself but brings everyone together and grows together as a team. She substantiates it by providing an instance of distributing the projects between the members of her club so that they are able to manage, coordinate and organize funds by themselves. In this manner, Vijay Laxmi makes leaders and highlights such hidden qualities in the members.

In her concluding message, Vijay Laxmi enlightens us on the true power and courage that a woman carries in various roles of a mother, an independent individual, in society, in her family and even in the country as a whole.

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