Siddiqua Fatima, a Senior Engineer Solving Queries Instantaneously with Her Knack in Science & Technology

Senior Engineer, Qualcommhyderabad

Keep going. You did not come this far only to come this far.

October 16, 2021

Keep going. You did not come this far only to come this far.

Being ambitious, Fatima always wanted to work in the core Electronics domain of the IT sector. Currently she is working with one of the Fortune 500 Companies as a Customer Engineer in Hyderabad.

Siddiqua Fatima is working as a Senior Customer Engineer at Qualcomm India Private Limited, Hyderabad. She deals in resolving queries and issues of corporate customers in relation to mobile chipsets and communication, consumer electronics and wireless 3G Technology segment.

Fatima hails from Udaipur. She did her schooling from The Study.  Unable to score good marks in tenth, she found it difficult to choose her stream ahead. But, after much discussion with the family members, she decided to pursue her career in Science. She did her Engineering in Electronics and Communication from CTAE College, Udaipur.

She started her professional journey doing Coding as a trainee at TCS, Kerala. And from there she shifted to Pune and worked with a software company called ‘Three MediaTech Co. Pvt. Ltd.’ After one-and-a-half years of her job, her father’s health suddenly deteriorated due to which she had to leave her job and come to Udaipur to take care of him. Coming here, she gave interviews in different companies and got selected in ‘Qualcomm India Pvt Ltd.’ Since then she has been working there and has never looked back.

Fatima does not consider any one person as her role model because she feels that she has learned something or the other from all the people she has met in life and all of them inspire her in some or the other way. Moreover, she always looks up to her parents as they faced a lot of difficulties in life but stood together in every situation and gave her a better life.

In her spare time, Fatima enjoys painting, traveling and reading books, especially on Philosophy.

If Fatima gets a chance to change anything in the past by going back in time, she would prevent India and Pakistan from separating to stop the soldiers from being martyred.

Fatima advises the new generation who are taking admission in Engineering because they are not sure about doing anything else, to just go for it and it doesn’t matter whether you end up becoming an engineer or not. Because you will get to learn a lot from this journey and it will be very useful in future. Other than this, she tells them to never let go of any opportunities in life because you never know where they can take you to.

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