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Sharvari Inamdar, an International Gold Medalist in Powerlifting Breaking Gender Stereotypes & Championing Ayurveda as a Leading Certified Nutritionist

Nutritionist & Owner, Aahar Ayurveda Nutrition Clinicpune

It’s never too late to try new things in life, only you should have the zeal to do it.
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It’s never too late to try new things in life, only you should have the zeal to do it.
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Dr. Sharvari Inamdar is an MD in Ayurveda and has been practicing disease-preventing aspects of Ayurveda for the past fourteen years as a Nutritionist and Fitness Coach.

Sharvari was born in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. Both her parents were doctors and when she was born, they were practicing in a small village in Ahmednagar itself. To give Sharvari a good education, her parents sent her to her uncle’s house and she studied till 4th std there only. Later when her parents set up their own hospital in Pune, she too moved to Pune with them.

Sharvari was inspired by her parents to become a doctor. She was sent to a day-cum–boarding school and there she completed her high school grades. After completing high school, she sat for the medical entrance test and subsequently got admission to Tarachand Ayurved College in Pune itself.

Talking about the tough times in her life, Sharvari shares that while she was still in college, she happened to find her soulmate, and at the young age of twenty, she got married. Her wedding was against the will of her parents and convincing them was quite a tough task. Later when she was still in her second year of graduation, she became pregnant and attending her classes, both theoretical and practical, and discharging her other duties as a wife entailed its own set of challenges. When she was in the first year of her MD, she had another three-month-old toddler to be taken care of alongside her studies. But she was iron-willed to prove that the paths she chose were unconventional, but not wrong.

Sharvari shares that from a young age she had been journaling and keeping a log of everything her mother prescribed from doing yoga early in the morning to living a disciplined life, but still she felt that the enthusiasm to live was somehow missing in her life. That’s when her husband who used to go to the gym proposed to her to work out at the gym. But she didn’t know anything about it, even as basic as push-ups and pull-ups let alone knowing anything about the gym equipment. She gave it a try anyway and after the first day of her workout at the gym, she felt dead tired and she was advised by her parents to continue with what she was doing earlier citing that heavy physical exercises were not meant for intellectuals of the likes of her. But she was resolute to build her strength as she learned from Ayurveda that to live life to the fullest one must have physical strength. She experimented with gymming and soon she became a stronger version of herself. Now, she also coaches her patients for physical strength training along with prescribing disease-preventing medicines from Ayurveda.

Sharvari thinks that your children imitate what you do. So, as parents, to give your children an upbringing that will enable them to live a fulfilled life is the biggest achievement you can have.

She shares that eating healthy, exercising daily, and waking up on time are not hard things to follow in life, but some people find them hard to cultivate in their daily lives. Besides, she says everyone’s metabolism is different so eating the right food tailored for you specifically is paramount.

Sharvari laments that wrong content spreads like anything on social media but good content is hardly ever consumed. So, to share with people the lifestyle she follows, she too started uploading such content on social media to motivate them to live healthier lives.

Sharvari got into Powerlifting accidentally. She shares that in 2017, she happened to go to a Powerlifting competition without knowing any rules. But she was able to lift something and she realized that she had physical strength. She came back home and discussed it with her family and then she decided to take Powerlifting professionally. She has won the title of Strong Woman of Maharashtra four consecutive times.

To anyone who wants to be a powerlifter or nutritionist or doctor of Ayurveda, she says that anything and everything can be learned provided you have a curiosity to learn that. Besides, she advises them to keep their mind, eyes, and ears open and follow whoever they follow very carefully as who they follow influences them directly.

In her free time, she likes to read books. Her husband introduced her to the genre of “Self-help” books. She also considered her husband her motivation initially when she took to powerlifting. Besides, she also likes to write poems and spend time with her children in her spare time.

To people, her message is, it’s never too late to try new things out. You will never know what you’re good at unless you try. Besides, she advises exercising daily to live a life full of strength.

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Sharvari Inamdar, M.D Ayurved at Aahar Ayurveda Nutrition Clinic, Pune

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