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Shaiphali Saxena, Her Love for Music & Being an Educator Laid the Foundation for 'Angels Music Academy' One of the Most Sought-After Music Schools

Sound Engineer & Director, Angels Music Academyjaipur

If you’re good at something, never do it for free.
If you’re good at something, never do it for free.

Shaiphali Saxena is India’s First Female Apple-Certified Sound Trainer and Sound Engineer by profession. She is an established business woman in the Music realm, bringing Opera culture to India with pride and enthusiasm.

Shaiphali is the Director of Angels Music Academy based in Jaipur. She claims her academy is ranked among India’s top three music schools and has won many accolades. According to Shaiphali, the Angels Music Academy won the Best Music Academy Award in 2018, Excellent Teaching in Sound Engineering Award in 2019, an Award for Excellent Contribution in Music Education in 2020, and was India’s Finest Top Ranked Western College in 2021. Shaiphali says she is happily living her dream of becoming an educator.

Shaiphali started learning music to combat the side effects of some of her medications and soon began enjoying it. Then, her father admitted her into the nearby music classes, and she completed her Trinity College Grades in Western Opera Singing and Guitar. Shaiphali then moved to Chennai and did a course in Opera Training and Sound Engineering from KM Music Conservatoire. Later, she went to the Berklee College of Music in Boston and did Music Business Education. Shaiphali got a job at Apple, but she quit it to do something of her own.

Shaiphali completed her schooling at Jaipuria School in Jaipur. She was not good at academics but had a business mind. During the corona lockdowns, she realised that she always wanted to do something of her own.

Shaiphali started her music academy with just three hundred rupees she collected from selling unwanted stuff. Her first-ever student was a doctor. After some time, when she was about to close her academy, she met Hritisha Rewadia. Hritisha became India’s first Opera Queen from Rajasthan and brought immense fame to Shaiphali and her music academy. She again dreamt of bringing the Opera culture to India through Hritisha.

Shaiphali feels that she was a lucky kid. She always got everything she asked for, and due to which she never felt the need for friends. She was always involved with her family or gadgets. She is also a National Level Gold Medalist in Martial Arts.

Shaiphali credits her family’s immense trust and support and the Bollywood film ‘3 Idiots’ for her success. She credits her grandparents for the much-needed mental support. She is proud to be raised as a daughter, with independence, love, and respect.

Shaiphali’s Success Mantra is following her mind at all times and making timely decisions. Her sister, Hritisha, is her greatest support and motivator. She has supported Shaiphali in many business ventures, including clothing, digital marketing, etc.

Shaiphali feels that her quick decision of closing her institute in the past was one of her mistakes. Moreover, starting a business on one occasion by trusting too much too soon and omitting crucial paperwork was another big mistake. Also, not being able to respond to others was another limitation. However, Shaiphali is grateful for Hritisha’s support and encouragement in her journey.

Shaiphali’s motives behind opening a music institute were bringing the Western Opera Culture to India, introducing more girls to Sound Engineering, and working for her dreams, instead of someone else’s. Her parents’ support and her independent approach towards life make her a success.

Shaiphali’s music academy is in the top five in the country. She, along with Hritisha, are known for Opera in India. Her music academy has a branch in California, USA. Furthermore, she’s transforming her music academy into a full-fledged Music University. These are some of the notable achievements she shares.

Shaiphali advises all youngsters to never make backup plans. She says that the music industry has immense scope, and one should keep an open mind. One only needs the zeal to move ahead in this career. Moreover, she advises all aspiring musicians to invest their earnings properly and have a monetary plan.

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Shaiphali Saxena, Sound Engineer & Director at Angels Music Academy, Jaipur

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