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Rinky Sharma, a Musician & Creator Whose Nomadic Childhood Facilitated Her Adaptation of Different Careers Including Yoga and Entrepreneurship

Musician & Founder at Luminar Mediahyderabad

If opportunity doesn’t come knocking, then build a door.
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September 25, 2021

Arts & Entertainment
Rinky Sharma
Musician & Founder at Luminar Media
If opportunity doesn’t come knocking, then build a door.
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A fast-upcoming independent Musician, Rinky Sharma believes in remaining her original self rather than changing herself to please others.

Rinky Sharma is a Singer, Songwriter, Composer, and Musician based in Hyderabad. She is also a Co-founder of Luminar Media - a Digital Marketing agency and also a certified Yoga Instructor.

Rinky was born in Lucknow but raised in different parts of the country as her father was in a transferable post with the Central Government. And owing to that she had to change schools frequently and she completed her school education from different schools in different cities. She is an MBA in HRM and Marketing.

Rinky shares that after completing her MBA, she got a job in HRM and Recruitment with a growing start-up. Along with working in that job, she would also post videos of her singing on social media. And when people spotted her on social media, they started appreciating her musical skills. Soon, she was also approached by one of the musical bands in Hyderabad to be part of them. She joined the musical band. She would do her job in the morning and in the evening, she would perform at cafes, restaurants, etc. in the city with the band.

But Rinky says that after a while it became quite hectic to manage both her job and part-time musical performances. And she chose to pursue a career in Music full-time and leave her job. She says that though growing up, her parents stressed that she excelled academically, at school, she performed in her school’s musical band and did well in her exams too. Therefore choosing to make a career in Music entailed she faced apprehensions of her parents initially.

In retrospect, Rinky thinks that her diverse upbringing enables her to take risks and adapt to a new environment and place effortlessly.

Talking about struggles in life, Rinky says that choosing a new career all of a sudden is not at all easy. She says being an independent musician has been a tough journey for her but she is happy with the way she has grown year on year as a musician.

Talking about mistakes that she committed in her musical journey thus far, Rinky says that initially she would be concerned about appealing to others. But later she realized that she should pursue Music for herself and not for others.

Rinky acknowledges the fact that her parents have always been her biggest support system and have always been there during her low times. Besides, she also acknowledges that her husband and her friends have always been there by her side.

Rinky feels that taking a break from your work is essential to avoid burnout. In her spare time, she likes to do gardening and play outdoor games. Besides, she also likes to binge-watch movies.

To aspiring musicians, Rinky says that there are as many opinions as there are people and you can’t please everyone. The only person you can please is yourself. Besides, she advises them to keep honing their skills.

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