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Ravi Jhankal, One of the Finest Film and Stage Actors Who Successfully Balanced Theatre with His Bollywood Career


Stay healthy and fit, avoid bad habits, respect your work and people around you and ultimately people will respect you.
Stay healthy and fit, avoid bad habits, respect your work and people around you and ultimately people will respect you.

Ravi has always been a predominantly artistic individual who has established a foothold in the industry by performing in theatre productions, commercials, TV shows & serials and movies.

Ravi Jhankal is an actor. He graduated from the National School of Drama, Delhi. He belongs to Rajasthan and did M.A. from Rajasthan University parallel to amateur theatre. Then he got someone's guidance that he could pursue his acting skills professionally as he was unaware of the fact that he could earn bread and butter just by doing theatre. His guru Bhanu Bharti, a gold medalist at NSD, took him over and made him understand even the minutest details of this profession initially and encouraged him to do a certification course in drama.

Ravi says he learned punctuality from Bhanu and feels that punctuality is very important in any profession. This is what he had learned at NSD also and adopted the same in his life. He feels proud that whatever he is today and has earned, is from theatre, TV and films only.

Ravi says that his NSD journey was not so easy as he was born in a very conservative and a very big family of nine siblings. He remembers very well that his mother used to cook food for about thirty two people daily.

Ravi says that acting was not in his veins because no one in his family had done this job before. When he started going to NSD his father did not support him by saying theatre is not meant for them. Ravi remembers that when he was young, they lived in a big mansion on rent and a Bhatt family lived in the courtyard on the other side of his house who was into the theatre thing. Manu Bhatt used to wake up early in the morning to practice on Tanpura and Ravi used to watch him for hours. So Ravi discovered his passion for theatre from there.

Ravi used to sing, dance and mimic at events and weddings. He always believed in his talent and worked ahead in many TV serials, bollywood movies and local theatres.

Ravi doesn’t consider anyone as a role model. Instead, he feels that someone may get more opportunities in life and he might get less but he has proved himself with whatever he got and people also appreciated his work. But yes, those who brought him into the profession, he likes to call them as his role model like Bhanu Bharti and Shyam Benegal as they sculpted him a lot.

Ravi wonders what would he have done if he had got a chance to go back in life. He says he wants to relive the three years he spent in NSD because that time gave him his life and his wife, Anita Odia, who is a classical dancer, and a  disciple of Birju Maharaj.

He laments about the covid times that careers of thousands of artists got over and he knew hundreds of them because if an artist doesn’t work for a month, then he cannot survive longer in this industry. So he helped about twenty-five thousand artists through CINTAA, a Bollywood Organisation, being its Executive Member by distributing crores of rupees to millions of people along with food. The fund was contributed by him, Salman Khan and many other Bollywood actors who came forward to help the cause. Despite doing all that, thousands of actors ended up going to their hometown and Ravi himself was thinking of shifting to his city, Jaipur.

Ravi advises that before setting your foot in any field, put your head down, learn and watch. If someone is doing good, then you should appreciate him and try to make him appreciate you as well.

Ravi has an interest in listening to folk music as he used to sing folk music when he was young. He grew up listening to Rajasthani folk music.

Ravi thinks that the younger generation is losing their respect for elders which he feels is very dangerous for our culture, this alienates us further. He believes that his generation is still connected to their loved ones because they always respected their elders and always kept serving them. So he advises today's generation that the increasing distance in relationships is very pathetic and sad, you must work on it to make it better.

Ravi’s belief is that if you want to make your life meaningful then first of all you should learn to listen and respect each other. Also, respect your work and your profession and you should be very particular and passionate towards your work. He says time is very important in every field so try to be punctual and respect everyone’s time.

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Ravi Jhankal, Film & TV Actor, Mumbai

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