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Ranu Surana, a Housewife-turned-Entrepreneur on a Path to Master Natural Ice Creams Just for the Love of Ice Cream

Founder, GoPure Natural Ice Creamsudaipur

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
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October 23, 2021

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
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An Entrepreneur, Ranu feels that Hard Work, Dedication to Work, and Time Management are the essentials of starting and scaling a business from the ground up.

Ranu Sharma is a Co-founder of GoPure Natural Ice Creams, Udaipur.

Ranu was born in Chittorgarh. She completed her formal education from there itself. She is a B.Com and MBA.

Ranu shares that after completing her MBA she worked with IDBI Bank in Chittorgarh itself. In 2012, she got married and then shifted with her husband to Bangalore. She shares that the nature of her husband’s job was such that he would work from home only. Therefore, during Covid, she and her husband moved to Udaipur which is her in-laws’ place.

Ranu says that she is fond of having dessert post every meal and ice cream is her go-to dessert. However, her husband is intolerant of preservatives that are added to ice cream available in the market. And therefore she thought of coming up with natural ice cream with her own ingredients. After experimenting on her own, she came up with her own homemade ice cream which was liked by everyone in her family.

Later, upon one of her husband’s friends' suggestions, she created her own venture by the name GoPure Natural Ice Creams to sell and promote her natural ice cream.

Talking about her challenges, Ranu says that hailing from a small place like Chittorgarh, she lacked good English communication skills, and owing to that she had to struggle to find a good job when she moved to Bangalore. However, she says that people in Bangalore were always appreciative of her culinary skills and always motivated her to do something of her own. And she started her own cake business there.

Ranu claims that she is the first one to provide natural ice cream in tier two cities of the country which is also her biggest achievement.

Her Success Mantra is Hard Work with Smart Work to become successful.

Her husband is her biggest Inspiration and Role Model. She says that her husband is very hardworking and never gives in, come what may.

In her spare time, Ranu likes to draw, paint, and sketch. Besides, she is also fond of cooking and traveling.

To aspiring entrepreneurs, she says that contrary to what it seems from the outside, starting up a new business is a very challenging and uncertain process. Therefore, she advises them to keep working hard and innovating by keeping pace with market dynamics.

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