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Purnima Anand, a Social Activist Connected to Groups Like BRICS and World Bank & Devoted to Bringing Change at the Local Level

President at BRICS International Forumdelhi

Be a Guru of yourself. Flow with your own inspiration.

December 16, 2022

Be a Guru of yourself. Flow with your own inspiration.

Honored by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Purnima is working hard to change Indian Society at the local level. Throughout her life, she has worked for the development of rural women in India

Purnima Anand is a social activist. She is the President of the BRICS International Forum, in Delhi.

Purnima was born and brought up in Delhi. She feels that she had a blessed childhood because she received love from her grandparents. Her grandfather wanted her to become a doctor. She was an introverted and shy child. She liked to live alone only with her books, she says.

Sharing her journey, Purnima says that once in an NSS event, she went to the mountains. She was so inspired by nature's beauty that she felt that she could do anything and she was on top of the world. This positive energy motivated her and she overcame her shy and introverted nature. She joined a center for Russian Art and Culture and Science. She continued her work and then got connected with the International Federation of Indo-Russian Youth Club in 1989 and her journey at the international level started. The Russian Center of Science and Culture became her University and she got a chance to meet international personalities and maintain international relations. She also met many Russian leaders, artists and people.

Sharing her achievements, Purnima says she was selected as a Consultant at the World Bank which was an achievement for her. She brought many projects and funds for many public organizations in India. Secondly, she was selected by Goldman Sachs for the Women Entrepreneur for Rural Development Projects. When BRICS emerged, she adopted this idea and studied BRICS countries in 2014. Purnima initiated the BRICS Chapter in India.

Sharing her proudest moment, Purnima says that she was honored by Russian President Putin in 2013 for her projects, and for her dedication and working with youth organizations in promoting their skills at the spiritual and moral levels.

Regarding mistakes in her life, Purnima says that she did not follow her parent's wishes regarding the marriage culture of her family. She left her soft-hearted parents and grandparents under stress and decided to marry a person she liked. She is still in a dilemma about whether it was her mistake or the best decision in her life.

When asked about role models in her life, Purnima says that she had many gurus at different levels in her life. She considers her grandfather to be her first guru. Then her college Principal Dr. B.M. Bhalla, whose motivation and support inspired her to adopt many things in her life was an inspiration for her. She was also inspired by Russian President Putin who has protected Russianism among the Russian people in Russia.

To the youngsters, Purnima advises them that they should take inspiration from their inner souls.

Purnima's success mantra is to search for peace and stay in isolation for some time from current affairs and ask questions to self.

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