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Prerana Rathi, a Dance Academy Owner Honing on a Range of Performing Arts and Looking Upon Her Elder Sister for Inspiration

Kathak Artist & Director, Rhythm Dance Institutejodhpur

Dance is the hidden language of the soul, so, dance to your soul.
Dance is the hidden language of the soul, so, dance to your soul.

Prerana is a virtuoso Kathak Artist trying to bring classical dance nearer to the youth.

Prerana is a young kathak dancer. She is the director of her dance institute named Rhythm Dance Institute. She hails from Jodhpur, she is an artist with a lively and fiery presentation that entrances her audience.

Prerana says her mother was her motivation. It was due to her mother that Prerna opted for Kathak.  However, she says she began to dance seeing her elder sister do it.

Prerana says she took Kathak training from Late Harish Puri Ji Naga. After his demise, she kept on learning Kathak from his daughter Reshma Puri Ji. She says her training went on for twelve and a half years and the last 25 years she has been dancing.

Due to her interest in Kathak, she did B.A. and M.A. in music and tabla.

Apart from this, she has done many courses in numerous other dance genres, for example, Hip twirl, Contemporary, Waacking, and Society dance.

Prerana says it was her sister's fantasy to open a dance institute, and that is why she has named the establishment "RHYTHM DANCE INSTITUTE".

Prerana says she hears people saying that because of their parents, there are problems in their life, but it is her parents who solved the problems of her life. Prerana says her parents stood as her support at every turn in her journey. Today, whatever she has achieved, it is only because she had the support of her parents.

Apart from being a dancer, she is also a theater artist. Prerana learned acting from Abhinay Gurukul Actors Studio located in Jodhpur.

Prerana also likes to do Radio Jockeying on All India Radio. Aside from dance, she has leisure activities like singing, painting, and craftsmanship. In her leisure time, she attempts to further develop her dancing abilities, pays attention to music, and likes to meditate.

Prearana has a long list of awards and wins. She has participated in many competitions at State Level, National Level, and International level also. She talks about her representation for India in Dubai and winning a silver medal for India. She won many titles for singing too. She was the winner of the title of the best folk dancer at the national level and also the title of best Bollywood dancer of Rajasthan at the state level.

In the future, she desires to take her dance institute to greater heights.

Prerana wants to help underprivileged talent who want to build their career by giving them free training.

She says, “I am alive till dance streams in my veins”.

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Prerana Rathi, Director at Rhythm Dance Institute, Jodhpur

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