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Pournnima Shirishkar, a Founder and Stock Market Educator Teaching Women the Basics of Share Market & Investment Making Them Financially Literate and Independent

Founder at Day2Day Profitmumbai

Be unique and different, and just do it.
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November 1, 2022

Financial Services
Pournnima Shirishkar
Founder at Day2Day Profit
Be unique and different, and just do it.
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Leaving behind the odds in life, Purnima is now successfully running her business in Mumbai. She decided to do a stock market business so that she could manage her family and her business together.

Purnima Shirishkar is the Founder of Day2Day Profit- Learn Stock Market in Mumbai. She teaches the nitty-gritty of the stock market to women, especially so that women would earn money and become independent.

Purnima lives in Mumbai. She was born in a family where all her family members were in a job. Her mother is a social entrepreneur.

Recalling her childhood memories, Purnima says that she was the eldest one in her family and she was asked to do everything first. As she was a good dancer, she was pushed every time to start the dance at every festival. These things always motivated her to take initiative. She learned to accept challenges in her life.

Talking about the journey in her life, Purnima says that she got married at the age of 19 only. She gave birth to children but faced many financial problems. To overcome it, she used to go to a stock market class for two months when her children used to sleep in the afternoon. She bought a new computer, took an internet connection and started investing small amounts in the stock market. She started receiving profits.

Regarding mistakes in her life, Purnima says that she believed in unknown people and became dependent on them. Within a few days, she lost all her profits and the amount she had invested in the market. Purnima got a big setback. But she decided to learn more and gain more knowledge. She took advice from good traders of the stock market and then started her Day2Day Profit Company and then never looked back in her life.

Purnima works especially for women. She has a big network in Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh. She also has an International network in six countries. Her network is her asset, says Purnima. Purnima has also started a forum called the Leaf of Women Empowerment for women.

In her free time, Purnima likes to travel, do shopping, purchase jewelry and watch movies.

When asked about role models in her life, Purnima says that she has been inspired by her bad times and the problems that erupted in her family and at work. She says that struggling and coming out of these problems helped her to move ahead and become successful. She thanks her problems for pushing her ahead.

To the youngsters, Purnima advises them to work in such a way that their name earns such goodwill and fame that any work gets done just by taking their name.

To the newcomers to this field, Purnima advises them that they should take proper training and learn all the strategies of the stock market. She suggests starting from paper trading so that they will not make mistakes in online trading.

Advising everyone, Purnima says that if struggle and setbacks come in our lives then we should accept those challenges and search for opportunities in them. She feels that these problems teach us a lesson and push us forward in our lives.


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