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Naina Deepak Jain, a Yoga Instructor with International Certification Who Adopts a Scientific Approach to Heal Problems Through Yoga Courses

International Yoga Trainer, Aerobics Trainer, Fitness Consultant & Owner, Naina Yoga Studiopune

Never think about what you don’t want; always think about what you want.
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March 27, 2023

Never think about what you don’t want; always think about what you want.
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A yoga instructor who started teaching after she got married, Naina balanced her time between her family and her classes and continued helping people with different medical conditions.

Naina Deepak Jain is an International Yoga Instructor, Fitness Consultant, and Aerobics Trainer. She is the founder of the Naina Yoga Studio. She also specializes in prenatal and postnatal yoga, garbha sanskar, kids yoga, and senior citizen yoga. However, she is mainly into medical yoga.

Sharing her journey, Naina says at first she was interested in exercise and used it to solve health issues in a scientific manner. When her mother had back pain, she started using science along with yoga and exercise. Later, after her marriage and after having a kid, she started it as a profession. She had gained a lot of weight, which she lost within eight months. People were inspired by her transformation and asked about her method of losing weight. She started teaching yoga and never looked back. Positive results from her teaching further motivated her to explore yoga and fitness. She also conducts research on the subjects, including theories related to yoga, medical fitness, and mental health.

Talking about her challenges, Naina says there are difficulties in every profession. She faced ups and downs in her career, but they helped her grow. She gave her best for yoga, and says it is hard to balance your family, hobby, and profession all at the same time. However, the positive responses from clients motivated her to move forward.

Naina believes yoga is a gift from ancient India that we should value. She wants to make people aware of the importance of yoga because she thinks it has a solution for most of the health issues if you follow its guidance in a proper manner.

Naina suggests people have a yoga trainer who can guide them after having proper medical information.

When asked about her role models, Naina says she took inspiration from her yoga teacher and followed her methods. Furthermore, she says there are many role models in her life from whom she learns various things.

Sharing her accomplishments, Naina says she treated a client with sleep apnea with the help of medical yoga. She also cured medical conditions like thyroid disease and diabetes, which is a great accomplishment for her. She also treated people with deep anxiety, and positive feedback from patients is her huge achievement.

In order to relieve stress, Naina likes to be outdoors in nature and do breathing exercises.

Remembering her mistakes, Naina says she used to practice yoga only for physical health. Later, she realized that yoga keeps us physically as well as mentally fit. She learned from her mistake and improved herself.

Naina’s life mantra is "Don’t feel depressed; life is beautiful," as she believes in always being happy and positive. She says do not waste time thinking negatively and work towards your goal.

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