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Director at THEVnew delhi

If you are destined to succeed, nothing in this world can stop you.

October 16, 2021

If you are destined to succeed, nothing in this world can stop you.

Monce is an entrepreneur and feels that the youth should find and own their ambitions and dreams in life and should not do it because of some external force.

Monce C. Abraham is the Director of ‘THEV’, which is a consulting firm and is currently based in New Delhi.

Monce was born and brought up in New Delhi. He did his schooling from St. Columbus School in Delhi. He shares that till his 10th standard, he was a very bright kid and after that, the mechanization of studies decreased his interest in it.

He got a chance to be an intern at NDTV and took it. It was his first experience working in the real world and learning new things. He used to watch and observe the working of the place and was inspired by the team spirit. It was a two-month unpaid internship but they paid him a few thousand after seeing his enthusiasm and zeal to learn.

Soon after, he was placed in Infosys and Monce says that coding and related stuff gave him some air to breathe as the fixed study curriculum had made life monotonous for him. He started gaining interest in the field and was enjoying his work.

After that, he started working for a Non-Profit Organization named the Indian Sponsor Foundation, and working there brought a different level of confidence in him. He then joined the Indian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association and got to be a part of many firsts. He managed the first-ever IVCA elections, the first secondary marketplace in association with NSE, etc.

Monce got advice from someone to start his own venture. However, Monce decided not to leave his job altogether and started managing both things together. After a year and a half of managing his venture, he finally left his job and started doing his own business full-time.

Monce feels that mistakes are a part of life. After college, he thought that the learning part of his life was over but he was wrong. He says that learning in life never stops and one should keep upgrading themselves to be better.

Monce says that people like Narayan Murthy and Shahrukh Khan inspire him. They have built their life from scratch and they had no godfathers to rely on. He also takes guidance from books. He feels that books give you a point of view that is as old as many decades. Reading helps in creating an opinion and also being more logical in life.

Monce feels that youngsters should choose a field in which they have an interest and not just dive into any field blindly. They should keep themselves updated about fields like Artificial Intelligence, Crypto, Metaverse and keep learning new things.

Monce also feels that running gives him time to relax and he likes it as an activity to pursue daily.

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