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Meenakshi Bherwani, Paving the Path To a Brighter Future for Her Students with World-Class Education in the Field of Commerce

Director & Chartered Accountant, PFC Educationudaipur

There's always something new to learn; therefore, resting at one point will only stagnate your progress.
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There's always something new to learn; therefore, resting at one point will only stagnate your progress.
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A Mentor by profession, Meenakshi has been working in the education field since 2011 and taking sessions for CA and ACCA students. Presently, she is an Oxford Brookes University Mentor and Information Systems Auditor.

Meenakshi Bherwani is a Director and Chartered Accountant at PFC Education in Udaipur.

Meenakshi was born and brought up in Udaipur. She grew up in a joint family with eight sisters and two brothers. She led a very challenging life as she lost her mother at a very young age. Growing up in a jolly household encouraged her to make valuable relationships, motivating her to meet people and interact with them. She cherishes her childhood moments.

Talking about her challenges, Meenakshi says that when she was in her first job at an MNC in Dubai, she faced many challenges. There, she realised that along with technical skills, other skills are also required. She was not good at Excel and other skills, which was challenging for her. PFC Education was a result of her defiance and struggle against the mentality of Indian society.

Since its inception, PFC Education has operated both digitally and physically, conducting online and offline sessions. This practice benefited the institute at a greater level after the outbreak of the worldwide COVID pandemic. Having students from the UK, Saudi Arabia, and other countries allowed her to merge both her online and offline batches into one, which gave her an added advantage and allowed her to focus more on the management part. The local students also got the opportunity to interact with international students.

Sharing her COVID experiences, Meenakshi says that to address the increasing number of people getting depressed during the lockdown, she launched a PFC Journal to motivate the students to do something creative and even started online counselling sessions. She firmly believes that for a student to succeed, it is highly important to have peace of mind, which inspired her to start all these programmes. In 2020, PFC, under her leadership, got two world rankings, and the students associated with the institute performed exceptionally well.

Meenakshi considers her son, who is 11 years old, her role model, as all that she is today and all that she’ll ever be is for him. She admires his positivity and enthusiasm.

Advising aspirants to her field, Meenakshi advises that they should not get intimidated by challenges, as they are a part of life, and to face them with utmost zest. She also stresses having a personal touch to this profession, which helps the students connect on an emotional level and perform well. She also highlights the importance of interaction and urges the forthcoming wave of teachers to create brand value and not just deep-dive as mere professionals. For the aspiring students, she motivates them to pursue any sort of art form, which is always helpful.

In her free time, Meenakshi loves to go on solo trips and explore new places. Not only that, these trips give her the time to explore herself as a human being, which is the key aspect of life. She also likes to dance.

According to Meenakshi, education and experience go hand in hand. She says that education never stops, and with experience, one can gain more knowledge.

If given a time machine, Meenakshi wants to meet her relatives who are no longer with her.

Talking about leadership, Meenakshi says that she always admires inspiring people as leaders. She says that there’s no one formula for becoming a leader, as we can’t measure everything with one yardstick. It solely depends on the company. Sometimes you have to be an autocrat or sometimes a democrat, so it completely depends on the people or profiles you are managing.

The poem "The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep" motivates her a lot.

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Meenakshi Bherwani, Director & Chartered Accountant at PFC Education, Udaipur

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