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Mayank Kumar Dolarray Rawal, Demonstrating His Expertise in the Fields of Architecture and Art & Feels That We Should Always Research the Area We Want to Get Into

Architect, Vastu Scientist & Proprietor, Mayank Rawal's Life Design Studioahmedabad

The sky is not the limit, it is limitless, your sky will keep on expanding as you keep flying.
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The sky is not the limit, it is limitless, your sky will keep on expanding as you keep flying.
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Being multi-talented from childhood, Mayank researched and explored the effects of several things on Vastu. He has been a multitasker and achiever and is eager to pass on his immense knowledge and experience to anyone keen to learn.

Mayank Kumar Dolarray Rawal is an Architect and Vastu Scientist. He is  the Proprietor of the firm Mayank Rawal’s Life Design Studio. Apart from Vastu and  Architecture, he is also involved in writing serials for radio, writing poetry, and composing his poems.

Mayank says that he has facilitated recordings of more than a hundred songs in the voices of different people. He also makes short films, documentaries, and more. Mayank says that he is also an artist and has learned more than seventy-eight art styles. He is also into the field of research and keeps on researching new things and hence, people also recognize him as a Vastu Scientist and he has received numerous awards for the same. He has researched many interesting topics like Fragrance and Vastu, Vanaspati and Vastu, Metal and Vastu, Colors and Vastu, and Swara and Vastu.

Mayank shares an incident from the time when he was learning music when a co-learner complained that singing Rag Bhairavi spiked her blood pressure, whereas the raga is supposed to have a calming effect. This inspired him to research the effect of different ragas. With his research, he came to the conclusion that different ragas have different benefits, but only when they are sung in a correct manner.

Similarly, Mayank researched about the effects of various fragrances and after eight years of research, he with his team created Dhoop sticks using various Himalayan herbs and ingredients whose fragrance contained the positive energy of the five elements.

Mayank says that since his childhood, he was very ambitious and multi-talented and grew up in a very studious environment. Once he happened to read a book on Vastu, which sparked his interest in the field and he started practicing Vastu when he was in seventh standard. He had always wanted to become a doctor but missed getting admission into medicine by just one and a half marks. He took admission in an engineering college but left that course because he did not find the course interesting. Thereafter he took admission to an architecture college when he realized that he can use his Vastu knowledge in architecture and that is when his journey as a Vastu Scientist began.

When asked about his role models, Mayank gives credit to his father who taught him the basics of research, and also to his mother who taught him to work for the welfare of the people. Apart from them, he has had  a lot of gurus but says his parents have played a major role in shaping up his journey.

Recalling his childhood memories, Mayank says that he was born in Saurashtra, Gujarat. However, after his birth, his father shifted to the UK and he spent his further childhood in Vallabh Vidyanagar. The major part of his childhood was spent in reading and exploring things and he represented his school at state level in eighteen events when he was in eighth standard. He laments that due to his studious and multi-talented personality, his friends started maintaining distance from him which he regrets.

When asked about his struggles, Mayank says he never experienced struggle in his life because he always looks at the positive side of things. He believes in achieving goals, not complaining about the path.

Speaking about his achievements, Mayank says that he won an international award in Vastu and he was the only person to win an award in that category. He was also given the Global Gujarati Award. He believes he is a blessed child of God and has won many achievements in his name. He worked for twenty-two years as a visiting faculty in an architecture college.

Mayank says that his father established Mayank Rawal Foundation in 2006 with the aim to give back to society. He does various activities through his family fund to support small artists. Through this foundation, he also helps people with education and treatment. The happiness on the faces of the people they provide help to, is the biggest achievement he has ever accomplished, says Mayank.

With the help of his filmmaker daughter, he composed and released a song with Divya Bhaskar on the Nirbhaya case which crossed fifty thousand views in just one day and reached fifty lakh people in all. It became very popular and was named as the Nirbhaya Anthem. Getting inspired by its success, he composed various songs and created many documentaries for the police, customs, and other departments.

Mayank says that after doing so many things, he established his firm Mayank Rawal’s Life Design Studio with the aim to design people’s lives. He organized an event called ‘Sangeet Samrat’ to promote singers across the world and in the first year of the event, eight countries participated in it and they were able to discover 477 classical and semi-classical singers.

Sharing his opinion on the importance of education and experience, Mayank says that both walk parallel. Without education, there is no experience, and without experience, one cannot gain knowledge. The recipe for a successful human is the combination of education and experience.

Mayank says that the Ghazal - Muskurahat from the film ‘Gangu Bai’ inspires him and teaches him to stay happy.

To the youngsters, Mayank advises them to find happiness within, ignore what people say, work dedicatedly towards their goals, and never rely on shortcuts to achieve success. If you dedicatedly work on your calling while continuously gaining knowledge, you will definitely achieve success. He says social media is for entertainment, and for real knowledge you will have to read our granthas.

Mayank believes that modern Architecture has actually emerged from the traditional knowledge of Vastu, and thus they are a good combination. He says that architecture, in Sanskrit, is known as ‘Vastu Kala’. He thinks that Vastu has a solution to every problem, and he will keep on helping people as far as he can using his knowledge of Vastu.

Conveying his message to the general people, Mayank says that you should love every human being and should always do something for society and the environment. One should always follow and respect Indian Culture. Live with unity, spread love, and utilize your strengths for the welfare of society and the country.

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Mayank Kumar Dolarray Rawal, Architect, Vastu Scientist & Proprietor at Mayank Rawal's Life Design Studio, Ahmedabad

Watch inspiring story of Mayank Kumar Dolarray Rawal, Architect, Vastu Scientist & Proprietor at Mayank Rawal's Life Design Studio in Ahmedabad.