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Dr. Manju Lodha, a Gynaecologist Helping Senior Citizens in Augmenting Their Mutual Interactions and Lifestyle to Ensure Better Health

Specialist Obstetrician & Co-Founder, Pujya - Senior Citizen Centerudaipur

Your humility and kindness reflect in your actions.

November 22, 2022

Your humility and kindness reflect in your actions.

Compassionate towards the problems faced by the wise men of our society, Manju decided to set up a centre for senior citizens to be able to help them live their old age cheerfully.

Manju Lodha is a Specialist Obstetrician based in Udaipur. Along with that, she is also the Co-Founder of Pujya - Senior Citizen Center.

On being asked from where she got the idea of opening a Senior Citizen Center, Manju says that she felt especially concerned about the old people as many of her patients are old. She says that the recent increase in life-expectancy requires us to take care of the senior citizens as we are now spending a good part of our lives after the age of sixty. She says that when she met her co-founders - Seema and Shalini, she found all of them to be on the same page and thus decided to start “Pujya''.

Coming to the modus operandi of the organisation, Manju says that she takes care of the health of senior citizens and her other two partners deal with organising camps. She further says that they organise the camps twice a week but plan to extend it depending on the responses of the participants. Currently, she says that they do not charge any kind of fee from the participants, but in future when they start transportation service, they may apply some transportation charges.

Speaking of her role models, Manju says that her role model is Sudha Murthy, whose outlook towards life and simple living inspires her.

On a final note, Manju urges everyone to take care of senior citizens, and if you cannot, guide them to her centre.

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