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Get to know Arcgate, Udaipur, and its Founder & CEO, Kunal Bagla, a leader in BPO & IT Outsourcing Services

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Do not expect anything less than excellence in everything you do.
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Do not expect anything less than excellence in everything you do.
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For over 18 years, Kunal Bagla, the CEO of a leading BPO & IT outsourcing services company, has steered his highly regarded organization through principles of honesty, integrity, and patience. He and his dedicated team of more than 2500 people passionate about data and technology, have positioned Arcgate as a preferred outsourcing vendor trusted by startups across the globe.

Kunal Bagla is the visionary founder & CEO of Arcgate, leading a team of over 2500 professionals from the company's headquarters in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Born and raised in Udaipur, he attended The Doon School for his early education before studying Information Systems and Business Honors at The University of Texas at Austin (USA) in 1995.

In the heart of Udaipur, Rajasthan, Kunal enjoys peace and happiness in the warm embrace of his home, where he lives with his wife and strongest supporter, Devyani, and their two wonderful children.

After graduating in 1999, Kunal embarked on a five-year journey at Deloitte Consulting in Houston, where he honed his expertise in technology consulting and product development across various industries. During this time, Kunal played a pivotal role in defining and implementing IT and outsourcing strategies for some of the largest US companies. This experience laid the foundation for his vision to revolutionize IT and BPO services for the next generation of startups.

In 2005, Kunal realized his vision by founding Arcgate, starting with just three team members in a modest room. During the initial years, it was extremely tough to find customers or recruit talented people since the company did not have any proven track record.  Nevertheless, Kunal's determination and foresight propelled Arcgate forward, focusing on delivering high-quality services to startups leading innovation. Over the past 18+ years, Arcgate has helped over eighty startups, a testament to Kunal's strategic leadership and commitment to excellence.

In 2011, Kunal returned to India from the United States with the aim of nurturing Arcgate's team and fostering its culture. His dedication to steering the company towards greater success and promoting innovation has been unwavering since then.

Kunal Bagla’s entrepreneurial skills have earned him recognition, with Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) naming him Best Young Entrepreneur in India.

Additionally, under his leadership, Arcgate has received prestigious awards, such as Best Services Exporter (Small) in India by ECGC (Govt. of India) and Best Small and Medium Enterprise in IT and ITES by D&B. CNBC-TV18's "The Leap Takers" and ET Now's "Emerging SME" series showcased the company's remarkable journey and innovative approach. These accolades serve as a testament to Kunal's hard work and Arcgate's success in the IT & BPO industry.

Beyond his role at Arcgate, Kunal is deeply involved in various external venues. He serves as the Chairman of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Udaipur Zone and as Co-Convenor of the Rajasthan State Panel on Startup, Innovation & IT. He also actively participates in the Young Presidents' Organization (YPO). He has significantly contributed in the past to The University of Texas Information Systems Steering Committee and the Finance Committee of Seva Mandir, a prominent Indian non-profit organization.

Kunal's achievements have not come without their share of challenges, but he has remained steadfast in his commitment to progress. He reflects on his journey in the industry, spanning 18 years, emphasizing that it still feels like the beginning, with much more to achieve and contribute.

Kunal feels proud to say that many of the employees at Arcgate, affectionately called Arcgatians, have been with the company since its inception. They are an integral part of the Arcgate family. He is grateful for these associations and acknowledges their significant role in shaping the company.

In 2005, when Kunal established Arcgate in Udaipur, he faced skepticism from many who believed it was impossible to start an IT company in a small town like Udaipur. Despite the doubts, he remained determined and ignored those who suggested relocating to tech hubs like Bangalore. Moreover, he mentions that what we consider normal today, such as high-speed internet, security, power backup, and modern facilities, was unimaginable back then. Nonetheless, his unwavering faith in his vision, combined with hard work and focus, led to the growth of Arcgate.

Kunal shares that Arcgate faced significant challenges, including the 2008 financial crisis and the recent pandemic. Despite setbacks, they persevered; during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kunal and his team at Arcgate stood together, finding solutions and persevering through the challenges. This difficult period only strengthened their resolve and boosted their morale. He emphasizes the confidence they now have as a team to overcome any obstacle.

Reflecting on their journey, Kunal highlights the valuable lessons learned from failures and the determination to keep moving forward. Arcgatians have faced setbacks but have always risen again, refusing to accept defeat. Kunal says they acknowledge their mistakes, learn from them, and confront difficult situations head-on.

Kunal Bagla, through his experiences leading Arcgate, emphasizes several core values that have guided the company's journey from its inception.

Competition has been an essential principle for Arcgate. Rather than comparing themselves to others, the company has focused on self-improvement. Each day, Arcgate strives to surpass its previous achievements, believing that true success lies in giving the best effort, regardless of the outcome.

Patience has been another cornerstone of Arcgate's approach. Over the past 18 years, the company has demonstrated unwavering patience, never rushing or seeking quick fixes. Instead of solely pursuing financial gains, Arcgate has aimed to deliver exceptional work, earn clients' trust and respect, and build a legacy to be proud of.

Journeying through the past 18 years, Arcgate has undergone a profound transformation marked by perseverance, integrity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Instead of solely focusing on winning, the company has prioritized honesty, professionalism, and a sense of responsibility. Kunal says he and his team have worked tirelessly to build a legacy that their children and future generations can be proud of. They understand that true success isn't measured by size or status but by the journey itself—a journey filled with challenges, learning experiences, and triumphs—that shapes Arcgate's story.

Belief has been the driving force behind Arcgate's journey, propelling the company's mission to become the preferred outsourcing partner for startups. Kunal emphasizes that Arcgate has no external funding and chooses not to pursue wealth and fame but to remain committed to its vision. He also highlights the team's dedication to ethical practices and building trust with clients and has guided Arcgate forward, even in the face of adversity.

Leadership is integral to Arcgate's culture, where everyone is encouraged to lead, inspire, and make a positive impact through trust, empathy, and professionalism. Kunal believes it's not about titles or authority but about supporting and uplifting each other in a collaborative environment that nurtures creativity, innovation, and personal growth.

Learning is a core value at Arcgate, where the belief in continuous personal and professional development is embraced. Kunal recognizes the importance of lifelong learning and encourages his team members to seize opportunities for expanding knowledge, skills, and creativity.

Lastly, Kunal reminds everyone that health is wealth. He urges everyone to sleep well, eat well, move more, exercise, and live a simple, disciplined life. He also advises you to not accept anything less than excellence in everything you do at work and in your personal life.

Kunal attributes Arcgate's success to dedication, perseverance, and discipline, emphasizing that sticking to these values will lead to greatness.

Expressing gratitude and excitement for the future, Kunal Bagla concludes with a heartfelt thank you and namaskar.

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