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Khushboo Hazare, Putting in a Lot of Time and Effort to Find Unique Content to Produce Motivational YouTube Videos

You Tuber & Co-Founder, Bollywood Thikanaudaipur

I wanted to do something different from the rest of the market, and my series brought a new air of change to the market.
I wanted to do something different from the rest of the market, and my series brought a new air of change to the market.

Khushboo Hazare is the anchor of her own channel on YouTube by the name ‘Bollywood Thikana’. She has already reached a milestone of 1 million subscribers and continues to increase the numbers. Her channel has been praised by many celebrities and actors such as Sonu Sood and R. Madhavan.

Born and brought up in a middle-class family in Udaipur, Khushboo always had bigger dreams in life. Her father was a government employee and dedicated all his earnings and time to educating his kids. Khushboo was a very brilliant student and right after her senior secondary education, she started working in order to help her father with the family expenses.

After her B.COM, Khushboo got selected as a radio jockey in one of the renowned channels in Udaipur by the name 95.0 FM Tadka. She was one out of 200 people to have been interviewed for the opening and she came out on top in all three rounds. After working there for some time, when she got married, she quit the job to give some time to her family.

Khushboo says though it was important to give her family some time but her work started calling her and she was back in business. She started with a job in Mumbai but then decided to quit it when she felt she could do better on her own. She started her own business and got an offer from a very decorated production house Pen India Ltd. for a senior post. After working for a year or so, she again felt the urge to work on her own. That is when she, along with her friend Komal, started Bollywood Thikhana.

Khushboo says it was very tough at first to research for as long as seven hours and then shoot for two hours to create a single video and get just a handful of views on YouTube but she didn’t give up. She wanted to do something different from the rest of the market and that is where her series ‘कब, क्यों और कैसे’ brought a new air of change into the market.

It all started slowly but gradually in three months lakhs of people started watching her videos on youtube and she started getting praised by big celebs and actors for her genuine and honest work and her in-depth research.

When asked about her role models, Khushboo says her father is her idol in life as he has taught her to never give up on her dreams. Her husband also always supported her after marriage and she is thankful to him.

Her success mantra is - hard work and thorough research of the market. Khushboo says she was not born a leader but subsequently climbed the ladder of success to become one.

Khushboo spends her free time with her kids answering their questions and watching her daughter dance. In her self-time, she likes to go on rides by herself and listen to the music she likes.

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Khushoo Hazare, YouTuber and Owner of Bollywood Thikana Channel, Udaipur

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