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Kamal Mohan, Built His Table Tennis Team After Facing Discrimination and is Now Supporting Younger Players to Pursue a Sports Career


Reaching the intended goals will take dedication and passion.

August 25, 2023

Reaching the intended goals will take dedication and passion.

A business owner, Kamal is also connected to sports. He became secretary of the district Table Tennis Association and was also invited to be a National Umpire by the Rajasthan Association. He has also provided his services as an International Umpire.

Kamal Mohan spent 27 years as an employee at Cimmco Birla Limited in Bharatpur. He later launched his own company. He currently runs an auto parts plant in Bharatpur as well as an oil mill.

Speaking about his love for Table Tennis, Kamal recounts how the secretary of the previous association discriminated against him and his friends, forcing them to create a rival District Association. He was appointed secretary of the association, which the federation later recognised.

After that, he started choosing younger players for the squad, which went on to win the Senior Championship held in Jaipur. The Rajasthan Association also extended an invitation to him to serve as a National Umpire. After clearing some tests, he went on to become an International Umpire.

He eventually became the State Secretary of the Association and gave up umpiring. Additionally, he has done commentary for Doordarshan for a number of games. Once, he performed as a commentator on a live telecast for the Commonwealth Games on fourteen screens.

Speaking about his successes, Kamal reveals that one of his students was able to secure employment with the Railways by becoming a Rajasthan Champion while receiving his guidance and coaching. His other pupils were inspired to do well after two of them were awarded full government scholarships. Additionally, he oversaw the women’s squad at Rajasthan University, which triumphed against the team from Maharani College of Jaipur.  One of his pupils was appointed as an assistant professor at LNIPE, received a PhD in table tennis, and received an invitation to the World Championship in Japan.

Kamal has translated the Table Tennis Rules Book from English to Hindi as well.

The phrase "Padhoge To Badhoge," attributed to Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, greatly inspires and drives him.

When asked about his role models, Kamal responds that his colleague served as an inspiration before he began working assiduously to build his company. He views him as his role model.

Kamal counsels the young people to begin with a small investment rather than obtaining a bank loan if they choose to launch their own company after completing their education. Hard work and patience are necessary for success. He counsels sportsmen to focus on their game and take things carefully.

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