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Jyoti Upadhyayula, an Inner Transformation Coach Who Feels That If Our Inner Foundation is Strong Than Only We Can Achieve Greater Heights

Founder & Life Coach, Mastermind Act to Achievehyderabad

Nothing can dim the light that shines within.
Nothing can dim the light that shines within.

Realizing the challenges faced by underprivileged students, Jyoti decided to establish an organization with the motive of making people mentally strong.

Jyoti Upadhayayula is an Inner Transformation Coach and the founder of Mastermind Act to Achieve.

Jyoti hails from Hyderabad. She got married at the age of 21, and used to be a homemaker. However, she wanted to give a purpose to her life, so she decided to start her career as a teacher. Pursuing her career, she realized a gap in the inner strength of the underprivileged students. She saw students committing suicide. It motivated her to pursue her career in the teaching field. Later, she came up with an NGO to help students transform their inner strength. She also started coaching grownups as well. Jyoti finally found her purpose in life, which was to form a strong foundation inside people in order to make a difference in the outer world.

Jyoti started with her own transformation, as she believed that she needed to work on herself before transforming others. She faced a few challenges, but she learned many things.

Recalling her childhood, Jyoti says she was a shy and introverted girl. She also had a lot of fears. Her parents had huge expectations of her, but she was an average student during her school days. She always wanted to become a singer. However, her parents were against her music career, so she continued her studies in the commerce field.

When asked about her role models, Jyoti says she is inspired by her mentor, Sudha Murthi. Influenced by her humility, she wanted to become like her.

Jyoti claims that being a life coach means becoming a good listener, understanding the challenges of others, and helping them become stronger.

Jyoti shares her opinion about leadership by saying she was not a born leader. However, she has been a team leader and has the qualities of a good leader. She believes that being a good leader means being a role model.

Sharing her achievements, Jyoti says during the pandemic she adopted digital technology in order to continue her journey, which is a huge achievement for her. Furthermore, writing books is also a great achievement for her.

Jyoti says if she had a time machine, she would like to go back in time so she could take a stand for herself and share her thoughts with others.

The life mantra of Jyoti is "Do your morning routines and stay consistent."

Jyoti believes that the three pillars of success are clarity, mindset, and action.

Jyoti also believes that the pandemic has taught us many things and helped people build good relationships with family and friends. She thinks people have become more adaptive to change after the impact of the pandemic. People have also become more aware and conscious of their health.

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Jyoti Upadhyayula, Founder & Life Coach at Mastermind Act to Achieve, Hyderabad

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