Jyoti Singh, Believes That Having Children is Like Having a Second Birth and Gives You a Fresh & Improved Perspective on Life

Parenting Coach & Founder, Enlightened Parenting Hubfaridabad

Work without expectations, and you'll find yourself pleasantly surprised.
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July 4, 2023

Work without expectations, and you'll find yourself pleasantly surprised.
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Driven by the difficulties she faced in raising her son, Jyoti went on to become a parenting coach herself. She started a community to share parenting ideas with other parents.

Jyoti Singh is a Certified Parenting Coach, a student Motivational Speaker, and a Storyteller.

Recalling her childhood, Jyoti says she belongs to Vapi, Gujarat. She went to Mumbai to pursue BMS. Later, she did her MBA in Ahmedabad and joined her  family’s school. Her father had started the school with the motive of providing education to students below the poverty line at a minimum fee. Her father has always supported her, and she feels pleased to have a supportive family.

Jyoti believes that being a mother provides you with a new perspective on the world, just as her parenting experience provided her with a new identity. She created a community named ‘Enlightening Parent Hub’, where parents from different corners of the world joined together with the vision to develop a good bond with their children.

Jyoti says she started her journey during the pandemic when her son was only three years old. She was feeling helpless in raising her child because whenever she forbade him about something, he always did it. In order to understand her son, she started doing parenting courses and also went to a child psychologist. She realized that she needed to understand her child better instead of controlling him. She made a community, tried to reach out to other parents, and provided them with a free course. She also took workshops for parents and collaborated with schools.

Talking about her challenges, Jyoti says the major challenge was studying while raising a son. She used to study at night after putting her son to bed and waking up early in the morning due to her son's sleep routine. Furthermore, she says that the second biggest challenge was working from home, as she wanted to spend time with her son and was also working at the time.

When asked about her role models, Jyoti says her biggest role models are her parents, as they did not have a proper education because of family responsibilities, but they never stopped dreaming. It influences her and motivates her to do better in life. Furthermore, she has learned many things from Sudha Murty that helped her raise her kids and understand the thoughts of people from today’s generation.

Sharing about her achievements, Jyoti says she has been awarded the title of ‘Iconic Woman of Courage’ in 2022. She feels honored that her work got recognition, and it also inspired her to do more.

Jyoti is inspired by the quote: "What matters is where you want to go, not where you came from."

Advising the younger generation, Jyoti says If you are giving your hundred percent, you will definitely get results. One must believe in oneself, as it builds confidence. Furthermore, continuous learning is also important as it improves knowledge and skills needed to pursue an effective career.

Sharing her opinion on education and experience, Jyoti says both education and experience play a vital role in our lives. Education is the backbone of a career, as it provides us with the basic knowledge required to pursue a career. Furthermore, it is also necessary to have experience as it boosts the career and provides us practical knowledge.

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