Illa Pachauri, a Founder Making and Selling Indoor Plants to Create Awareness on the Significance of Plants for Good Health

Founder & Owner, My Little Greens Indoor Plantsdelhi

Live life king-size on your terms with confidence because this too shall pass. Never get disheartened.

March 28, 2022

Live life king-size on your terms with confidence because this too shall pass. Never get disheartened.

Ila is the founder of My Little Greens, where she makes and sells indoor plants. She has been spreading awareness to keep green plants in homes for many years. She says:

Plants keep us stress-free, purify the air, increase our focus, help us sleep, increase our productivity, and make us feel happy.

Apart from this, her battle for not throwing garbage on the roads continues. She does this through national webinars, Facebook lives, and free consultancy to spread awareness about home garbage, especially green waste. She spreads awareness on managing waste without throwing it on the road, composing it, and reusing it at home.

Imagine if waste from plants is used in plants rather than in dustbins, how beautiful this world would be.

It is her social work, and she is getting success in this, but on the other hand, she also knows that the goal is still far.

She was born and brought up in Rajasthan's small city Kota. She did her graduation in the Botanical field.

When she was young, the first colour she recognized was green.

At that time, her father predicted that when she would grow up, she would play with greenery and that prediction came true.

Even though coming from a middle-class family, she never had a shortage of love, and her family keeps talking about values. Her passion for music, nature, and literature is in her genes.

She was fond of writing from childhood, so she wrote poems and stories that used to get published in Kota's local newspapers.

In her college days, she used to take part in all the curricular activities like baking, writing, dancing, singing, gazal, etc., and earn some or the other positions. She had been an active girl during her school and college days.

She started her Ph.D., but she couldn't complete it due to some reasons. She went through depression. She took 12 years of training in classical vocal music, which helped her overcome depression. Apart from this, she had her parents' support, her grandfather's counselling, and even got the right doctor at the right time.

It took two years for her to come out of depression.

She was confused about what to do next as she had no more interest in further studies. Instead, her mind and body hadn't that much energy to get ready for any competition. She decided to move into the next phase of her life. She got married.

Getting married was a turning point for her as she got such a good life partner whom she thinks is not less than God for her. He supports and respects her in whatever she wishes to do.

She doesn't like to still idle. But as she became a mother so early, she was unable to do any job. She was getting offers, but she didn't take those offers as she, with her family, was shifting to a different place very frequently. So she started doing content writing. Her computer education, which she took in college, helped her immensely. She began writing articles and books on nature, life science, and lifestyles. She also did Hindi to English and English to Hindi translations for banking sectors. Because of this, she took her hunger for writing sincerely. She sat at night and kept writing. The other housework she did in the daytime.

At that time, she didn't use to earn much but got creative satisfaction that she was utilizing her time.

Unfortunately, her husband lost his job. She wanted financial help, which her father did a little. But as she was 40 then, she thought she would not get a job. She could not start the business as she didn't have enough funds. So, she took a field that no lady would choose, real state consultancy work. Her friend and her husband became her mentor, and to date, she is doing this work. Till 2015, she earned name, fame, and money, her network also grew. She also has her network in Dubai, the US, Canada, and India.

But again, from 2015, work started going down. Ila needed to keep working as she could not sit idle. She changed her passion into a profession. Around 5-6 years ago, Ila started My Little Greens. It gives her creative satisfaction whether she gets the order of 5 plants or 500. Ila doesn't use plastic pots. Instead, she uses ceramic pots to decide which plant will look good in which pot.

Ila takes care of the soil the plants require. Due to this, wherever her plants go, they will never need to be fertilized. She also gives tips on how to take care of plants at home.

She is very proud of her work. Though she doesn't get much money in this, the satisfaction she gets is that she is doing something for the environment and the people by educating them.

During Covid, her business was down, and today it was still down. She is very much fond of networking. So, in the Covid period, she got little time and was active on Facebook. There, she established herself as a brand.

From 2020 to today, she started growing herself as a brand. She began to network with ladies and started inspiring them. She joined such groups where she got personal motivation and helped many ladies recognize their self-confidence.

She truly believes that she is a motivational counsellor and gives patient hearing and advice to everyone who gets in touch with her.

She thinks Covid has taken less and given more to her. She and her family also got unwell during the second wave, but they fought courageously.

Reading, writing, traveling, singing, listening to classical music, and motivating women to write are her activities in her free time. She has given stage to 40-50 women who come and talk on those platforms.

She suggests everyone for networking, she said, "Each one Kheench one."

If you want to spread your thoughts to people, just motivate one person and encourage that person to motivate one more person. Hence, a chain would start.

She says that our young generation gets frustrated, depressed, and irritated very quickly in today's world. She wants to advise them to keep four words in mind "This too shall pass," and you can again create a new life for yourself.

Finally, she concludes: ---

Live life king-size on your terms with confidence because this too shall pass. Never get disheartened.

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