Himadri Sharma, a Makeup Artist & Salon Owner Whose Extreme Love of Makeup Since Childhood Paved Way for a Glittery Career

Makeup Artist & Co-Owner at Sakhi Beauty Line and Himadri Sharma Studio & Salonbanswara

The harder your work, the closer you get to your goals.
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September 25, 2021

Himadri Sharma
Makeup Artist & Co-Owner at Sakhi Beauty Line and Himadri Sharma Studio & Salon
The harder your work, the closer you get to your goals.
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A young and rising Makeup Artist, Himdari Sharma, who is still a high school student, has created her unique identity in the makeup industry at such a young age which others can’t make even in a matter of years.

Himadri Sharma is a Make-up Artist based in Banswara, Rajasthan. She is the Founder of Sakhibeautyline Himadri Sharma’s Studio and Salon in Banswara itself.

Himadri shares that she has been working as a professional makeup artist since the age of ten. She says that at the young age of eight, she started taking makeup classes from her mother. At the age of ten, her mother sent her for makeup classes to Surat.

Himadri acknowledges the support that she received from her parents to become a makeup artist. She says that her mother, without heeding what people had to say, sent her to Surat to learn the Art of Makeup from an international makeup artist based there.

Talking about her achievements, Himadri says that she received the award of Youngest Makeup Artist from Shilpa Shetty in 2015. Recently, she also received a Creation Award from Urvashi Rautela - an Indian actress in an award ceremony. Besides, she thinks, being able to add more beauty to ladies on their special day is also an achievement for her.

Her mother, who first sowed the seed of a makeup artist in her, is Himadri’s biggest inspiration and role model.

To youngsters, Himadri advises choosing a profession based on their interests. She says that if you are really interested in something then you will do the same thing even the hundredth time with the same enthusiasm and energy as you did for the first time.

To aspiring makeup artists, Himadri’s piece of advice is continued practice. She says that in the makeup industry one becomes better only with practice and this is what her mother always taught her. Besides, she advises them to keep working and following their passion without heeding what others have to say about them.

Talking about Covid, Himadri says that during the pandemic, she had gone to Kota for her 10th board examinations, and owing to it she got stuck there for three months and due to that she could not polish her makeup skills.

In her free time, Himadri likes to visit and explore new places with her parents and salon staff.

In future, Himadri aspires to establish her own academy to be able to teach the art of makeup to future makeup artists.Her message to people is never to judge a person based on their age and to always appreciate and encourage others.


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