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Hema Kannan, Believes That the Positive and Spiritual Influences Brought About By Her Artwork Have Altered Her Completely

Kolam Artist & Founder at The Lotus Shaktithane

Be positive, stay happy, and know that nothing is worth more than your mental peace.

September 2, 2023

Be positive, stay happy, and know that nothing is worth more than your mental peace.

A homemaker and a Kolam artist, Hema feels that her artwork has changed her as a person and brought in positivity and spirituality, transforming her entire thought process.

Hema Kannan is a Kolam artist and a homemaker.

Shedding some light on this form of art, Hema shares that Kolam is a form of traditional decorative art that is drawn by using rice flour and whose origins lie in Tamil Nadu. It has now spread to the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, and many other states.

Hema shares that, as a child, she learned to make Kolams from her mother and enjoyed making them during the festivals. However, time passed, life happened, Hema got married, and Kolam was left behind with the busy life she was put into. But Hema made sure to come back to Kolam after she was done with her family responsibilities. Her mother was another inspiration who propelled her to pursue her passion for Kolam art. It was in 2014 that Hema started making Kolams again.

Recalling her childhood, Hema shares that she was born in the South but grew up in Maharashtra. She finished her schooling in Khandala and has beautiful memories from her childhood of all those people, including her parents, who touched her life.

When asked about her role models, Hema says that her mother is her biggest role model, having introduced her to the world of art. She is also inspired by her grandmother, who was a brilliant artist of her time, and Hema has learned a lot from her. Hema is also thankful to her teachers and her husband for their support. Her mentor, Rangam Aunty, is her biggest inspiration.

The quote she follows in her life is, "Where there is a will, there is a way."

Talking about her struggles, Hema shares that raising a family was a challenging part of her life as it demanded a different version of her and giving up on certain things due to ongoing priorities. She also finds it challenging to keep up with the latest times in terms of technology, social media, and keeping any negativity at bay.

Sharing a glimpse of her achievements, Hema says that her kids are her biggest achievements, and she feels proud to see them achieve their goals in life. Expressing herself through her artwork and having people appreciate her makes Hema happy. Hema has also done a TEDx talk in Bengaluru and feels elated to have spread the message of art through her workshops that attract both national and international students.

Hema advises women to have the willpower to restart their lives, learn technology, be independent, use social media with positivity, and stay away from negativity.

Hema advises the youth to learn to respect their elders and take their advice. She adds that young Indians need to understand that technology is not everything and that the power of human intelligence and emotions will continue to persist. Hema advises youngsters to make their own choices without getting influenced by others. She urges them not to use social media to vent their negativity but to use it in a positive manner.

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