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Dr. Shradha Gattani, a Managing Director in the Hospitality Industry, Also Involved in Manufacturing and Finance Through Her Various Ventures

Director, Oriental Palace Resortudaipur

Live life to the fullest, no matter how hard things get.
Live life to the fullest, no matter how hard things get.

A trail- blazer in the male-dominated hospitality industry, Dr. Shradha excelled in various fields as a multifaceted entrepreneur and also as a dedicated social worker. An outstanding achiever, she has won several prestigious awards like the Rajasthan Kohinoor Award and the Shakshiyaten Award for her contributions to motivation, entrepreneurship, and social work.

Dr. Shradha Gattani serves as the Managing Director of Oriental Palace Resort in Udaipur. She is the Director of several manufacturing companies producing LDO, Tea, Coffee Premix etc. Additionally, she owns a Finance company and a Fund Management company.

Dr. Gattani is also deeply involved in the realm of social work. She holds the position of Vice President of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Udaipur Sambhag, and runs a unique daycare centre called Muskan Senior Citizen Club. This club caters to around 3,500 senior citizens, offering them various recreational activities. The club also organises events every Saturday and has also taken its members on several domestic and foreign tours on contributory basis fulfilling dreams they once thought unattainable. With Dr. Gattani's guidance, the club facilitates activities like dancing, mimicry, sports, and yoga-meditation for its members.

Regarding Oriental Palace Resort, Dr. Gattani proudly shares its features: 50 spacious rooms, halls of varying capacities (50, 200, and 500), and two gardens (of 500 and 2500 capacity). Situated in Subhash Nagar, Udaipur, the resort is an ideal venue for parties and conferences, complete with a swimming pool and a multi-cuisine restaurant. Typically, bookings surge on weekends. Dr. Gattani oversees management of all departments and also looks after staff training, ensuring guests' comfort during their stay.

Reflecting on her personal journey, Dr. Gattani shares that she got married early at 18, but continued her education even after moving to Udaipur. She completed her BA, MBA, LLB, PhD, and various other courses with the unwavering support of her in-laws and husband. She firmly believes in giving back to society, which led her to engage with numerous social organisations while balancing family and business responsibilities.

Dr. Gattani's achievements are remarkable. She recently received the Rajasthan Kohinoor Award at Bombay Film City for her contributions to motivation, entrepreneurship and social work. Additionally, she was honoured with the ‘Shakshiyaten’ Award and has been recognized by various organisations for her impactful social work. She attributes her success to the unwavering support of her family, finding fulfilment in both her successful business and her loving family.

Recalling her childhood, Shradha shares that she was born in Ajmer to Dr. Vinod Somani and Vidya Somani; both famous litterateurs. She fondly recalls the joyful moments shared with her six sisters. Excelling in dance, singing, and poetry competitions during her schooling, she gained widespread appreciation and confidence from performing on stage at the age of four.

Talking about her role models, Dr. Gattani says she regards her father-in-law, Dr. Krishna Gopal Gattani, and mother-in-law, Kaushalya Gattani, as her role models. Married early, she learned business and social etiquette from them, as her father-in-law encouraged her to  participate in every meeting. Her father-in-law initiated the Muskan Senior Citizen Club which she has taken to new heights. He, however, always emphasised the importance of financial independence for social work—a principle she has upheld throughout her life.

She shares pride in her children's achievements too. Her daughter, Shreya Bhutra, who is a constant support to her, manages a marble and quartz business in Bangalore, while her son oversees multiple businesses and has also initiated a startup after coming back from Australia.

Dr. Gattani advocates for fairness and firmness in life, emphasising the importance of integrity in both business and relationships. She resonates with the song "Zindagi har kadam ek nai jung hai," believing in persevering through struggles and obstacles while striving for happiness and goal achievement. She inspires everyone by singing "Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaye," encouraging resilience and optimism.

Talking about her struggles, she says every person has their own struggles in life, and so had she. Dr. Shradha says that venturing into the hotel industry in 1993 as a woman from a Marwari background posed challenges in establishing her foothold. Balancing family responsibilities with her profession added further complexity. However, with unwavering family support, she persevered and conquered these obstacles, emerging stronger.

Dr. Gattani advises aspiring hospitality professionals to recognise the diverse departments within the sector, including housekeeping, food and beverage, food production, security, and management roles like manager. Success demands dedication, honesty, and passion. Similarly, aspiring social workers must prioritise good intentions, working for the betterment of society rather than personal gain or popularity. Genuine dedication ensures meaningful impact in both fields.

Dr. Gattani advises the youth not to succumb to pressure, urging patience amidst life's ups and downs. She emphasises self-management and goal achievement, advocating staying updated with technology and continuous learning through reading.

She encourages everyone to embrace life fully.

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Meet Dr. Shradha Gattani | Women Entrepreneur | Social Worker

Get to know Dr. Shradha Gattani, the Managing Director of Oriental Palace Resort in Udaipur. Know how she operates a unique daycare centre called Muskan Senior Citizen Club.