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Dr. Priyanka Pareek, Co-Founder and Director of a Naturopathy Clinic, Finds Joy in Healing Patients Through Drug-Free Methods

Director & Co-Founder, Kayakalya Nature Cureudaipur

In Naturopathy, the key to successful treatment lies in positivity and patience.
In Naturopathy, the key to successful treatment lies in positivity and patience.

Having treated over 1500 patients through drugless naturopathy, Dr. Priyanka has come a long way since 2016 when she established her clinic with her husband. She advocates adoption of naturopathy as a pathway to a healthier life.

Dr. Priyanka Pareek is the Director and Co-Founder of Kayakalya Nature Cure, located in Udaipur. Her clinic focuses on naturopathy, a form of treatment that utilises the five fundamental elements our bodies are made of. They do not use any medicines in their treatments.

Dr. Priyanka has been in the field of naturopathy since 2016. Her journey began when her husband, who was suffering from various ailments, was successfully treated using naturopathy. This sparked her husband’s interest in the field, leading them to together start Kayakalya Nature Cure in 2020. Prior to this, Dr. Priyanka worked at Yug Rishi Aarogya Dham, Delhi, as an RMO, and later at Balaji Nirogdham, where she was the head of OPD.

Dr. Priyanka claims to have treated over 1500 patients at their clinic, finding immense satisfaction in helping others. She believes that the key to successful treatment in naturopathy lies in the positivity and patience of both the patients and the doctors. She encourages everyone to pursue naturopathy, emphasising its effectiveness in treating various ailments without drugs.

Priyanka is also a member of 'She Circle,' an organisation that supports women in various professional endeavours. It serves as a platform for women, including homemakers, and helps them progress in their careers and personal growth. The primary goal of the organisation is to foster connections, learning, and inspiration among women, offering valuable resources and opportunities for growth. She also participates in exhibitions organised by She Circle, where she showcases her natural products, chemical-free cosmetics, and healthy snacks.

Born and raised in Sikar, Priyanka completed her education there itself. Her family wished for her to stay in Sikar, but she aspired to become a doctor to serve people. Initially aiming for admission to the ayurvedic college in Sikar, she ended up receiving acceptance to a college in Bharatpur through the PAT exam. Opting not to join the college, she pursued a BSc instead. She later obtained her BEd and MSc (IT) degrees. However, her true passion lay in becoming a doctor, leading her to pursue a Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Science (BNYS). Her interest in natural treatments grew as she realised its potential to heal without medication. Proud of her ability to treat patients effectively, she finds fulfilment in helping others.

When asked about her role models, Dr. Priyanka says she finds inspiration in her grandfather and father, both of whom faced life's challenges with resilience. Additionally, her mother-in-law's strength in raising her two children single-handedly after her husband's demise is a source of inspiration for her. The song "Mana ki mushkil hai safar..." serves as a motivation for her, especially during challenging times.

Talking about her struggles, Dr. Priyanka says that during her husband's battle with brain tumour, when the doctors were giving him only 3–4 months without surgery, she did not lose hope. Despite her husband's initial scepticism towards naturopathy, she successfully treated him using this method. This experience was a significant achievement for her, both personally and professionally. She has also treated her mother-in-law, who had a 75 to 80% heart blockage and had suffered two cardiac arrests, using naturopathy.

For aspiring naturopaths, Dr. Priyanka advises patience, as treatment outcomes can vary. She stresses the importance of maintaining a positive attitude towards the treatment process. She also highlights the use of fundamental elements like earth, water, fire, air, and space in naturopathic treatments, such as in therapeutic massage and steam therapy. Water, for instance, is used to cleanse the body, while ‘lape’ (pastes) are prepared to treat skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema.

To all the women who wish to make their careers or who want to become entrepreneurs; she advises them to join ‘She Circle’ to expand their horizons.

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Meet Dr. Priyanka Pareek, the Director and Co-Founder of Kayakalya Nature Cure. Know how she has treated over 1500 patients using naturopathy, a form of treatment that utilizes the five fundamental elements.