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Dr. Jyotirmay Chakrawarty, a Dentist Talking About the Different Ups and Downs of His Journey & Achievements That Make Up His Life Journey

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, District Civil Hospitalbhopal

Be patient and never take shortcuts to achieve success.
Be patient and never take shortcuts to achieve success.

Being inclined to the medical field from childhood, Dr. Jyotirmay has been practising dentistry for four years. He had a dream of becoming a doctor and believes that no shortcuts can help you achieve success in your life.

Dr. Jyotirmay Chakrawarty is an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and a Dentist at District Hospital, Bhopal. He has been practising for the last four years.

Since his father was an ENT surgeon, Dr. Jyotirmay claims that he always knew he wanted to become a doctor. He was accepted into the Bachelor of Dental Surgery programme on his first attempt following his NEET test. His path in dentistry began when he grudgingly enrolled in dental college and for some reason developed a fondness for the same dental sector.

It has been an interesting and fulfilling journey, he claims. He claims that the preclinical phase of his training, when they were prohibited from treating patients, was a challenging period for them. But once you reach the clinical stage, you begin to enjoy the trip.

Dr. Jyotirmay recalls his early years spent at Delhi Public School in Bhopal, where he attended classes and lived with his family. He was raised by his parents and had a strong relationship with them.

According to Dr. Jyotirmay, his grandpa, a retired chemistry professor at a university, serves as an inspiration for him. Other than his grandpa, the others who have influenced him include his mother, who instilled patience in him, his father, and his professor Srinivas Kalyanpur.

Speaking about his difficulties, Dr. Chakrawarty explains that reading about things he didn't particularly enjoy was one of the hurdles he faced while getting ready for his MBBS tests. Furthermore, he claims that throughout the NEET preparations, he was unsure about which branch of medicine to pursue and switched his attention to MBBS. But after becoming dissatisfied with his performance in the MBBS test, he requested for an upgrade before deciding to settle for a BDS degree because he was now interested in the discipline.

He claims that when he thinks back, he can remember making a lot of blunders. He claims that up to his preclinical years, he had little interest in the dental area. As a result, he made the error of trying to find some simpler solutions.

When asked about his accomplishments, Dr. Jyotirmay states that being chosen for the college state chess competition was his first achievement. Aside from that, he excelled in a topic he didn't particularly enjoy and finished first in his second year. He also finished all four years of college ranked in the top ten. He continues by saying that his second accomplishment was being admitted to Government Dental College for post-graduation on his first try, where he received an entrance exam score of AIR 216 and a state rank of 4.

Dr. Chakrawarty shares his life motto, which is to never take quick routes. If you don't succeed the first time, he advises, just keep trying and working hard; eventually, things will sort themselves out.

He enjoys taking out his frustration by playing the guitar. He claims that in an attempt to destress and unwind, he attempts to perform the first song he ever learnt on his guitar anytime he is feeling anxious. In addition, he finds that meditation gives him mental clarity and tranquillity.

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Meet, Dr. Jyotirmay Chakrawarty, an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and a Dentist at District Hospital, Bhopal.