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Dr. Indu G, a Koodiyattam Artist and Performer Who Considers Being in the Field of Art to Be an Achievement in Itself Given the Hard Work it Requires


When we show dedication towards the right things, perfect results are achieved in life.

March 1, 2023

When we show dedication towards the right things, perfect results are achieved in life.

A Koodiyattam artist, Dr. Indu, has been performing this art for the past twenty-five years. Watching her guru perform fascinated her and made her want to enter this field and become an artist.

Dr. Indu G is a Koodiyattam Artist and has been practicing this art for the past twenty-five years. Before this, she used to perform Mohiniyattam.

Dr. Indu says that art has fascinated her since the age of seventeen. She says that Koodiyattam is a Sanskrit theater art form that she used to notice in her childhood. However, she adds that such performances were significantly less then and used to be performed in temples and places like Koothambalam, Kerala Kalamandalam, Margi-Trivendrum, etc.

Dr. Indu says that during her BA, she got to witness a Koodiyattam performance, and when Dr. K.G. Paulose started a Sanskrit course at Government Sanskrit College, Indu joined the same to learn Sanskrit and be able to be a part of the discussion. She met her Guru, Margi Madhu Chakyar, and her journey started in this field.

Talking about her mistakes, Dr. Indu says she feels that nobody makes a mistake purposefully, and it is the circumstances that force a person to make a particular decision, which can later turn positive or negative in life.

When asked about her achievements, Dr. Indu says that she cannot say that she has achieved something as it has to come from the audience. However, she also feels that being an artist is an achievement as it takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

Talking about her role models, Dr. Indu says that her guru, Margi Madhu Chakyar, whose enactment of the art form inspired Dr. Indu to come into this field, is her role model.

Dr. Indu says that when she is tense, she puts all her energy into solving the problem and comes out of it.

In her free time, Dr. Indu likes reading books and writing poetry.

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