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Dr. Dheeraj Verma, Owner of an Event Management Company, Organizing Various Events and Leading an NGO to Support People

Owner, Balaji Event Management Company & Founder, Akashaypatra Manav Seva Foundationgoa

The way you think, the way you are.
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The way you think, the way you are.
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Driven by a desire to make a difference, Dr. Dheeraj founded an NGO along with managing an event company. Rising from a humble background, his career is distinguished by remarkable achievements. He is also a motivational trainer and spiritual speaker, with honorary degrees from American University and Howard University.

Dr. Dheeraj Verma is the owner of the Balaji Event Management Company, which specialises in organising weddings, destination weddings, corporate events, and award functions across India and abroad. His company is based in Uttarakhand and Goa, and he also owns a small casino near his residence in Goa. They also confer the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Awards, honouring individuals recognized by the government for remarkable contributions to society. Additionally, they facilitate awards for achievers in 45 different categories.

Dr. Dheeraj is not just an event management professional; he's also a motivational trainer and spiritual speaker, holding honorary degrees from American University and Howard University.

Born in Ramnagar, Nainital district, Dr. Dheeraj currently resides in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand, with his family. He takes pride in his roots, being born in the holy land of Uttarakhand, surrounded by majestic Himalayan peaks and scenic beauty. Recognising its potential as a destination wedding hub, he established his event management setup in Uttarakhand. Despite holding a PhD in Psychology, he chose to pursue a career in event management.

Dr. Dheeraj has made diverse choices in his academic, professional, and social pursuits. Despite earning a PhD in Psychology, his professional focus lies in event management. Additionally, he has excelled in sports, representing the country in basketball at the international level. Alongside these achievements, he also manages an NGO. He emphasises the importance of choosing paths that bring personal satisfaction and inner peace.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, he felt a strong desire to leave a lasting impact on society. He aspired to do something that would ensure that, even if he no longer exists in this world, he would always be alive in the memories of the people. Driven by this thought, he founded the Akashaya Patra Manav Seva Foundation, an NGO focused on social service. The foundation's initiatives include conferring awards on achievers and pushing for zero hunger and providing quality education to the deprived. Their latest project involves constructing an old-age home for people with disabilities in Uttarakhand.

Dr. Dheeraj asserts that our bodies are the greatest allies of our souls. He encourages the youth to heed the needs of their souls and take care of their bodies accordingly. He underscores the importance of prioritising health and well-being, echoing the proverb, "Pahala Sukh Nirogee Kaaya.".

While many find inspiration in him, his own role model is Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, whose dedication to the country has inspired Dr. Dheeraj. Like his idol, he aspires to make a lasting impact on the lives of people through his contributions to the nation.

He draws motivation from the quote, "A loser always guides you, and a winner always leads you." Understanding that every successful person has faced failure at some point, he emphasises the importance of self-belief and perseverance. Despite the presence of both positive and negative thoughts, he advises focusing on the positive and maintaining faith in oneself to achieve success.

For him, life has been a journey filled with struggles, where one problem is resolved only for another to take its place. Despite travelling and working in different parts of the world, returning home to Uttarakhand brings him immense satisfaction and peace. He was raised in a poor family with his father as the sole breadwinner among ten members, and he was one of eight siblings. He recalls his father’s words, saying that he only had education and learning that he could give.

Guided by his father's teachings and his own determination, he has reached a pivotal point in his life where he has achieved everything he desired. Despite the challenges, he cherishes the fond memories of his childhood.

If given the chance to travel back in time, Dr. Dheeraj would choose not to change anything in his past life. However, he fondly cherishes his childhood memories, understanding that they are irreplaceable and cannot be revisited.

In his view, each day brings new challenges, some easily resolved and others more complex. Working in the service industry, he acknowledges that satisfying everyone is impossible, but how one tackles these challenges is within their control.

Highlighting his achievements, Dr. Dheeraj says he strives to excel as a son, brother, father, husband, and friend, aspiring above all to be a good human being, a goal he believes he has achieved to some extent. Professionally, he has reached significant milestones and attained great heights in his career.

Encouraging the youth, Dr. Dheeraj emphasises that while life may not offer everything, it does provide opportunities for growth and contribution. He urges them to not only focus on their own needs but also on giving back to society and making a positive impact on the country. He encourages them to build their capabilities to create, provide, and lead, becoming inspirations for others.

Lastly, Dr. Dheeraj invites everyone to join his initiative of constructing an old age home for people with disabilities, offering support in terms of finance, manpower, or sharing ideas.

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Meet Dr. Dheeraj Verma, owner of Balaji Event Management Company based in Uttarakhand and Goa. He also founded the Akshayapatra Manav Seva Foundation to contribute to society and inspire others to do the same.