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Dr. Ashish Singhal, an Orthopedic Surgeon Paying Tribute to His Father Through His Medical Profession and Taking Pride In Treating His Patients

Orthopedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon, Paras Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.udaipur

Follow your goals with passion, and you'll succeed without a doubt.
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October 14, 2023

Follow your goals with passion, and you'll succeed without a doubt.
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Fascinated by his father’s work as an army doctor, Dr. Ashish too got inclined towards a career in medicine. With his determination and integrity, he has succeeded in realizing his dream.

Dr. Ashish Singhal is a Consultant Orthopedician and Joint Replacement Surgeon at Paras Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. in Udaipur.

Dr. Ashish was born in Lucknow when his father was posted there. As his father was in the army, he usually didn’t get to spend much time with them, but whenever his father used to come home, it was like a festive time for them. He reminisces about all those moments spent with his father, laughing and recalling his childhood times when he used to play with his brother.

Dr. Ashish says that his father was a physician in the Indian army. He used to see him going to the hospital and treating the patients which got him inclined towards the profession.

He completed his schooling at St. Paul's Sc. Sec. School, Kota. He simultaneously prepared for NEET while studying in his high school and cleared it alongside completing his 12th grade. He did his MBBS at Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital, Mumbai. Thereafter, he got his MS in Orthopedics from R.N.T. Medical College, Udaipur.

After completing his post-graduation in 2015, he did his Fellowship in Orthopedic Revision, Failed Trauma, and Joint Replacement from Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai, where he realized his potential and got motivated to explore the field. Since then, he has been practicing at Paras Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. He specializes in knee replacement surgery, knee surgery, and treating complex fractures.

Talking about his struggles, Dr. Ashish says that when he reached Mumbai, there was a flood on the very first day. He lost contact with his family but was helped by the locals there. When he completed his post-graduation, he thought that he could now settle and live close to his family, but his father started having liver and kidney issues and could not live long. It was very emotionally challenging for him when his father passed away. He further says that whatever he is doing today, is doing it in a way to pay tribute to my father.

When asked about his role models, Dr. Ashish mentions the name of his mentor, Dr. D.D. Tanna, from whom he learned how to interact with patients and make them comfortable. He feels that lesson given by Dr. Tanna has changed his life, and made him a better doctor.

Dr. Ashish believes that the field of Orthopedics is going to evolve in the coming years, with the emergence of Robotic Surgeries, 3D Navigation, and Bone Modeling, which will revolutionize the medical field.

To all those who want to pursue the field of orthopedics, Dr. Ashish advises them to be passionate about it. He says that one can do an MS in orthopedics after completing their MBBS. However, he feels that the real learning process for a doctor starts when he starts practicing. He urges the medical students to keep learning and upgrading their skills.

Dr. Ashish says that seeing his patients get relief from his treatment is an accomplishment for him. Besides, he feels happy to see the smiles of his wife and daughter. Receiving appreciation from his parents and family gives him the biggest joy.

Comparing education and experience, Dr. Ashish says he believes that experience, in addition to education, will help you grow in your career. He says that he has learned so much from the guidance of his mentors and his own experiences.

If given a chance to travel back in time through a time machine, Dr. Ashish would like to do something so that their parents could spend more time together.

Describing his leisure time activities, Dr. Ashish says he likes to take his dog for a walk in the early mornings, and he sometimes goes for a walk near Fatehsagar. He loves to spend time with his wife and daughter.

To all the youngsters, Dr. Ashish advises them to first choose their career wisely and work passionately in order to achieve their goals.

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