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Deepak Sukhadia, Engaged in Politics and Social Work & Working to Assist the Underprivileged & Giving Back to Society

Chairman, Rotary Clubudaipur

Reputation is extremely important in life. You must be very clear and transparent in your dealings.
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Reputation is extremely important in life. You must be very clear and transparent in your dealings.
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Hailing from the illustrious family of ex-CM Mohan Lal Sukhadia, Deepak has made his mark in the business and social fields.

Deepak Sukhadia is a shining star on the social horizon of Udaipur. As a devoted Rotary Club member, he has been serving the needy to the best of his ability.

Deepak comes from a politically illustrious family. His grandfather Shri Mohan Lal Sukhadia became the youngest chief minister of Rajasthan at the age of 38 and remained CM for 14 years. But, Deepak takes pain to dispel the impression that coming from such a family they must be loaded with money. He says that his is a normal middle class family with its usual triumphs and setbacks.

Deepak is in the real estate business. He is also a very active member of the social organization, the Rotary Club and also active as a politician. His life is about these three aspects. He lives with his parents, wife and two kids and also his dog.

Deepak’s family had a business of Bajaj Scooters since 1970 but after running it for 30 years they no longer found it profitable and decided to shut down the agency. They also wanted to live life peacefully and decided that they would lease out the various properties they had and also deal a bit in real estate.

Deepak accepts that he was born with a silver spoon and did not have to face real struggle in life. He had his schooling in a boarding school at Ajmer and then went to Mumbai for college education. He, however, says that as he was given a meagre budget by his parents he had to live a simple life during his college days. Travelling in buses and trains, washing his own clothes, managing on a meagre budget he has done it all and says that his days in Mumbai have contributed a lot in building up his personality.

Deepak’s success mantra for a successful life is being happy, content and transparent. According to him, you shall strive to do better but you must always be transparent in your dealings and never try to fleece anyone. He says that your reputation matters a lot in life.

Talking about setbacks, he says that not being able to hold on to the Bajaj Scooters agency may be called a setback, but it was anyway a conscious decision on his family’s part to shut down the business. Deepak says he has not had to make much sacrifice in life. But, he says that making people understand that they were too like any other middle class family and they could also come under financial difficulties just like any one else was very difficult because people thought that coming from an ex CM’s family they must be loaded with money.

Deepak says that he was not a born leader. Right up to his thirties he had stage fright etc. But joining the social organization Rotary helped him a lot in improving his communication skills. Rotary also enabled him to do a lot of social work and serve the needy sections of society. He is also very much involved in the activities of the his political party and wants to serve the society through that.

Deepak thinks that knowledge is very important in life be it be acquired by your education or by your experience in life. He says that you must be knowledgeable and also be honest in your dealings in life.

If he is taken back in time he would not change anything as he likes the way his life has shaped out along with the successes and failures and challenges.

Deepak’s role model is his grandfather who served Rajasthan four times as Chief Minister and whose tenure is remembered by everyone as an outstanding one.

His favorite childhood memories are playing in the fields in his family farmhouse and climbing trees. He used to play a lot with his cousins and cherishes those days.

Deepak has a strong presence on various social media and if you like his story you can follow him on them.

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Deepak Sukhadia, Chairman of Rotary Club and a Social Entrepreneur, Udaipur

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