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Bhumika Joshi, a Freelance Makeup Artist Owning the First Makeup Studio in Bhilwara Working Passionately with Her Sister

Makeup Artist & Founder, Makeup By Paridhibhilwara

Follow your passion and do things in life which you like.

March 30, 2022

Follow your passion and do things in life which you like.

Bhumika is a makeup artist who came into this field after exploring other career options. She believes in the theory of ‘Karma’ and resorts to fair practices in life.

Bhumika Joshi is a freelance makeup artist working for the past three years under the name Makeup by Paridhi and Bhumika. She has also recently started her own makeup studio in Bhilwara.

Sharing her childhood memories, Bhumika says that she remembers visiting her grandmother’s house with her siblings and enjoying it a lot. It is a distinct memory that lingers on with her till now.

On the education front, Bhumika did BBA and then MBA in HRM. She also worked as an interior designer for some time but did not enjoy it much. Hence, she changed her field of work and came into the beauty field and soon realized that it was her passion.

On being asked about her role models, Bhumika says that the renowned artist in her field, Meera Sakhrani is her role model as Bhumika relates to her journey and struggles of life. Bhumika is also inspired by spiritual gurus like Sadguru and BK Shivani and tries to live her life according to their teachings.

Talking about the COVID-19 pandemic, Bhumika says that it was a very trying time for everyone and Bhilwara was the first to witness a lockdown. During that time, she resorted to spiritual activities through her Buddhist chanting group which helped her maintain her peace and calm.

If given a Time Machine, Bhumika would like to go back in time and start her spiritual journey much earlier in life to be able to live life more profoundly.

Bhumika says that she follows the Lotus Sutra philosophy of Buddhism which talks about cause and effect. She tries to help people and invests her time in doing social service as well.

Bhumika advises the youth to be original in life and not to copy anybody.

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