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Bhumika Choubisa, an Advocate & Research Scholar Working for the Empowerment of Women Against All Odds


Keep blooming like a lotus in the mud even in adversity.
Keep blooming like a lotus in the mud even in adversity.

Bhumika truly believes that the profession of Law can bring miraculous changes in society. She is also a strong advocate of women empowerment and asserts that they lay the foundation of a progressive nation.

Bhumika Choubisa is a practicing Advocate at the District & Sessions Court, Udaipur since 2012. She completed her Law degree in 2011 and has also done her LLM in Corporate Law.

Bhumika belongs to a small village in the Dungarpur district. Since her father had a transferable job, she has lived in many places. This developed her interest to know about various places since her childhood. Bhumika also participated in extra-curricular activities at her school and was equally interested in it.

Bhumika shares that her family had not seen even a single daughter for three generations and so they realized the importance of a woman in the family. But when she looked around, she found that there is still more preference for a son than a daughter. Bhumika then thought of working for women empowerment against all odds. She is inspired by Meera Bai who led an example of women empowerment across generations. However, she laments that even today women are at the lower rung in society. Bhumika wishes to see a change in society and does not want the Law to view women as a deprived section which somehow hinders their empowerment. She adds that when she initially joined Law, she realized not many women are part of it.

Talking about the pandemic, Bhumika says that though people had to struggle for employment during these difficult times, COVID has also given us an opportunity to review and complete all our pending tasks. Currently, Bhumika is pursuing her PhD and spent time writing research articles and papers on Law during Covid times. She, along with other advocates, also conducted webinars to stay connected with her clients.

Bhumika says that though the number of courts might have resulted in more employment, at the same time it means that the crime rate has increased too. She wishes for a strong judicial system with strict decisions so that the crime rate in society could see a downfall in near future.

Bhumika shares that since her school days itself, she had started envisioning herself as an Advocate and exactly knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. She is the first woman advocate in her community and family and is extremely proud of it.

Bhumika, within six months of practicing advocacy, could manage to file two cases in the tribunal which she considers as an achievement. The profession of Law made her more confident in life as compared to the days when she used to be a shy person. She adds that studying and practicing law has improved her overall personality and propelled her to think out of the box and work towards the development of society.

Bhumika, having studied Law, realized that education provides one a foundation and helps in showing good behavior with clients and also helps inculcate moral values in people.

She urges all women to become independent and empowered and exert patience in their lives. Pointing towards the women, Bhumika believes that to consider yourself weak is a crime and she suggests them to work in the field of Law.

Bhumika is inspired by the quote, “Always aim for the moon and if you miss it, then don’t worry, you will fall among the stars.”

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Bhumika Choubisa, Lawyer, Guest Faculty & Research Scholar , Udaipur

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