Bhavani Ramasubbu, a Product Manager Whose Mother Inspired Her to Be an Independent Woman with a Name and Identity

Product Manager-QA Touch, DCKAPchennai

We should all learn from our failures.
We should all learn from our failures.

Bhavani is a learned personality who has more than 18 years of experience in the IT industry. She has served in various capacities and climbed up the ladder through her skills and expertise.

Bhavani Ramasubbu is a Product Manager at QA Touch, where she has been working for four years now. She was working as a tech lead and later as a business leader. Bhavani worked for Zoniac and DCKAP before joining QA Touch in 2017.

Bhavani got her Master of Information Technology from Annamalai University. She says she used to visit her native place during childhood, surrounded by coconut and neem trees. Bhavani was born and brought up in Kovilpatti, where she spent her time visiting libraries with her brother.

Regarding her inspirations, Bhavani says she draws her inspiration from her mother, who was a headmistress. Influenced by her, Bhavani aimed to become a career-oriented woman. She is also thankful to her CEO and her colleagues, who have been a constant support to her throughout her professional journey.

Talking about her mistakes, Bhavani speaks of a time when she mistested a product that had implications in a number of places. The event taught her to properly analyze and understand the problem first before making a call.

Talking about her corporate experience, Bhavani says that one should always keep their minds open to learning. She has also won a few awards, like the Best Employee and Best Team for the Quarter.

Bhavani’s mantra for success is to always empower the team and never stop learning. She adds that implementation is the key to fulfilling all your learning. Bhavani says that we should all learn to celebrate small victories.

As for her message for the youth, Bhavani says that one should explore technology wisely and keep updated with technical advances in the industry. She adds that being part of various communities can be a great help. Bhavani also urges the youth to have some personal time and a passion to pursue besides work.

Bhavani is inspired by two quotes, which are: "Don’t read success stories; you will only get a message. Read failure stories; you will get some ideas to achieve success; and "Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. "

Bhavani is fond of reading books and listening to business podcasts that have helped her in her career as well. She also likes to try new recipes in her free time.

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Bhavani Ramasubbu, Product Manager-QA Touch at DCKAP, Chennai

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