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Bhairav Pandey, a Percussionist and Vocalist Who Feels Highly Accomplished & Content By Persuing Music as His Full-Time Career

Percussionist & Vocalist, Dosh-The Banddelhi

Keep following your goal; don't wish for the results.

March 22, 2023

Keep following your goal; don't wish for the results.

A percussionist and singer, Bhairav has been running a multi-genre band that has evolved since 2014. He and his band have been doing regular gigs throughout India in Classical, Sufi, and Bollywood rock music.

Bhairav Pandey is a percussionist and vocalist with Dosh—The Band in Delhi. He also holds a degree in engineering.

During his college years itself, Bhairav began playing in his band, Dosh. He was auditioned by the founder of the band, who is also its guitarist. He and his band members used to perform at college festivals. During his college years, his band won numerous band competitions. He stayed with the band even though many other members left it after college. Initially, he and his band members used to perform in parks, and with the money they collected , they used to feed and give blankets to street kids and the needy. Throughout the course, he experienced many highs and lows, but he never left the band. He led the band and continued to perform.

Speaking about his achievements, Bhairav says he feels accomplished when he looks back to the point where he started. His auto-driver father worked very hard to get him admitted to the engineering institution. He left his job one day to follow his passion for music, eventually forming a band and achieving success with it.

When asked about his role models, Bhairav says he looks up to himself first because he never gave up. His source of inspiration in the music field is one of his band members and his college roommate, Abhigyan Panwar, who taught him to perform.

In his spare time, Bhairav says he thinks about music all the time. He also likes to do trading in the stock market whenever he gets free time.

Speaking about his mistakes, Bhairav says everyone makes mistakes, and he too made them. He considers it his biggest mistake when his elder brother asked him whether he wanted admission in engineering or music school, so he chose engineering. Though he considers his college days as one of the best days of his life,

Bhairav says he follows the saying of Shri Krishna as per the Bhagawad Geeta as his life mantra is "Keep doing the work, don't wish for the fruit.” He says whatever he had conceived earlier about his music career happened because he continued his journey without getting worried about the results.

Bhairav suggests music aspirants to upload their music videos on social media. He encourages them to understand the latest trends and pick the taste of the audience. He also urges musicians to bring variation in their compositions.

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