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Avilasha Sarmah, a Published and Acclaimed Author Penning Her Thoughts Down


Be more intuitive about things and try to listen to your inner self.

January 6, 2022

Be more intuitive about things and try to listen to your inner self.

Avilasha is an author who also loves nature and has created a community of nature poetry lovers. She has always taken the road less taken and followed her inner voice to make her life choices.

Avilasha Sarmah is a writer. She is the author of two books: ‘When the Cuckoo Called’ and ‘Morning- The Purest Feeling’.

Avilasha was born in Assam and did her schooling from Army Public School in Assam itself. She then came to Delhi and did her graduation and masters in Political Science from Miranda House, Delhi University.

Avilasha worked as a content writer in freelance and full-time capacities and her last gig was as a chief content officer in a media startup. After that, she decided to create her own online content brand: Storyteller Gypsy, and in the process also founded a nature poetry community named Nature Gypsy.

Avilasha says that she has been writing since the age of nine when her first poem was published in a local newspaper, The Telegraph. She wrote her very first book, ‘When the Cuckoo Called’, at the age of sixteen and got it published in her twenties.

Talking about her struggles, Avilasha says that the biggest struggle for her was to create a career out of her hobby and passion.

Sharing about her achievements, Avilasha says that her biggest achievement has been mastering her self-belief. Writing her books and getting shortlisted for the best writer in the Fiction category by the Navi Mumbai Cambers of Business and Industries is also a great achievement for her.  She was also shortlisted for the Indian Authors Awards.

Avilasha says that her success mantra is that one should listen to their inner voice and intuition to be successful in life.

When asked about her role models, Avilasha says that Taylor Swift is the one. The way she started at a young age and is still relevant in the field is what inspires Avilasha a lot.

Her favorite quote is: Nature does not hurry till everything is accomplished.

Avilasha says that new budding authors should be patient and should not worry about the ups and downs of life.

In her free time, Avilasha likes solo traveling and being with herself.

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