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Astha Dixit, a Dancer, Performer, and Artist Who, Through Determination, Achieved Her Dreams & Believes That What You Seek is Seeking You

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Everything you do, do it fully.
Everything you do, do it fully.

After graduating with distinction from a reputed university, Astha pursued a career in the performance arts and reconnected to her roots in the process.

Astha Dixit is an Actor, a Dancer, and a Choreographer.

Born in New Delhi, India, Astha grew up in Los Angeles as her family moved there. She did her schooling from there itself and graduated in Computer Engineering at UCLA. She currently resides in Los Angeles, US with her husband. She recalls her childhood as a joyful one, when she lived in Delhi with her parents and grandparents. She also recalls being an avid dancer and having started dance at the age of three.

Astha went to India after completing her graduation to pursue a career in the art field. There, she worked in Tollywood and also learned Kathak. She says that she got the privilege to study both schools of Kathak. It gave her confidence to kick start her career as a choreographer. She later began touring various countries and working there with her dance company.

When asked about the struggles in her journey, Astha says that she has had her share of struggles in life, which sometimes interfered with her professionally. She says a huge dilemma that she faced was about switching her career field from Computer Engineering to Art, but she says that she listened to her heart. However, she kept on and coped up with them eventually. She says that it is all mentioned in detail in her book “Door to Heaven”.

Speaking of her role models, Astha says that she has learned from many people throughout her life, but she sees her biggest role model in herself. She says that she has lived multiple lives in one, and has excelled in all.

Sharing about her achievements in life, Astha says that delivering a Ted Talk in Gujarat was a big achievement for her. She also considers each of her dance performances as her accomplishments. She has also starred in two full length feature films and is proud of it. However, when it comes to her biggest achievement in her life, Astha mentions her book which takes a literary journey through her life.

Comparing education and experience, Astha says that while education gave wings to her dreams, it was experience which helped her actually fly.

Sharing her COVID experience, Astha says that there was a collective grief due to the pandemic but it gave everyone a moment to think about life and rewire their relationships. She further adds that it gave us an opportunity to integrate technology into our lives.

Given a chance to go back in time with a time machine, Astha would like to go back to her past and thank all the people who helped her through her journey.

In her free time, Astha likes hitting the gym, cooking, and going on outings.

Astha’s plans for the future include re entering into movies, and writing blogs.

Sharing her views on her leadership style, Astha says that she is not a born leader and learned leadership along her journey through her diverse life experiences.

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Astha Dixit, Actress, Dancer & Choreographer, Los Angeles

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