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Ashish Suresh Gaikwad, a Community Health Officer Working in His Field of Interest and is Motivated by Innovation & Creativity


Innovation, Creativity and Art will never let you sit idle.

October 2, 2021

Innovation, Creativity and Art will never let you sit idle.

Seeing the ups and downs in life since childhood, Ashish moulded himself and went on to achieve something big in life. Under the guidance of his parents, he has become a Community Health Officer of Solapur district in Maharashtra.

Ashish Suresh Gaikwad is working as a Community Health Officer in Solapur district of Maharashtra.

Ashish belongs to Shambhu Taluka in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. He did his schooling from De Paul English Medium High School in his town. He did his 11th & 12th in Science from RBNB College, Shrirampur. After doing B.Sc in Nursing, Ashish did the Community Health Officer’s bridge course. He cleared both the CHO exams in the first attempt only and is now working as a CHO in Solapur.

In his childhood, he faced many difficulties in his life because his father had lost his job and the whole family was dependent on him. Because of that, he spent a long time in a financial crisis. In 11th class itself, he started doing home tutoring to give a helping hand to his family. Along with this, he also started Photography and his own YouTube channel where he used to counsel students about Nursing, B.Sc and other Science courses and how to take admission in colleges in India and abroad. Recently, he has also made his own app for this purpose.

Ashish considers his graduation an achievement, considering the past financial conditions of his home. But seeing the confidence for himself in the eyes of his parents was the biggest achievement for him.

Ashish says that he got the posting of CHO during the Covid pandemic only. Recently, he also worked as a RMO in a Covid Centre. Treating Covid patients, he himself got infected with the disease and was away from his home although he recovered from it. He even worked a lot for his YouTube channel and it proved to be very beneficial. He got a good boost to his profession because of Covid.

When asked about Leadership, Ashish says that he has learned many things in life with a bad patch of time and experience and has developed leadership skills in him. He likes to read the Bible, so from there and other books, he has imbibed leadership skills in himself.

Ashish believes that if you have not received basic education or you are not qualified enough, then you will not be able to decide in which field you want to take the experience. He feels that Education and Experience should go hand in hand but having a base of education will make you able to think positively and in the right direction.

While advising the new aspirants, Ashish says that before coming into this field you should have the heart to serve humanity. If you come into this field just thinking about earning good money, then you will not be able to last long. You should be selfless, humble and have good communication skills to connect well with your patients.

If Ashish gets a chance to go into his past, he would like to go back to his 11th grade and make a goal for his future and stay focussed towards it.

Ashish suggests everyone to find a guide or coach of your profession who can guide you on the right path and help you achieve success. Besides this, you should always be passionate towards your work and never give up.

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