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Amrita Bokdia, Using Her Diverse Corporate Experience in the Academic Field And Pursuing Her Passion in Life Skill Coaching

Life Skill Coach, Writer & Management Faculty at FMSudaipur

Kindness and respect for everyone, and the ability to utilize information effectively to upgrade your soft skills are important in life.

August 29, 2023

Kindness and respect for everyone, and the ability to utilize information effectively to upgrade your soft skills are important in life.

A public speaker, poet, and educator, Amrita overcame challenges to pursue her education and career, and now she is dedicated to helping others do the same. She advises people to be kind, and respectful, and to utilize information effectively.

Amrita Bokdia is a Management faculty member at the Faculty of Management Studies in MLSU, Udaipur  and also a life skills coach. She is also a writer.

Amrita was born in Solan, Himachal Pradesh, but brought up in Bhilwara, where she completed her schooling. Later, she pursued her BSc in Biotechnology from Maharani College, Jaipur. She went to Pune to pursue her MBA at Balaji University. After working in Mumbai for two and a half  years, she shifted to the USA and worked there for eight years. She also completed a certificate in HRM and a Diploma in Guidance and Counseling.

She has also cleared the UGC examination and is currently pursuing a PhD.

After spending 10 years in the USA, Amrita returned to India in 2021 with the motive of guiding the youth of India in terms of professional and soft skills. She moved into academia and associated herself with MLSU and FMS. She also writes poems in Hindi addressing social issues and society's stereotypes.

Recalling her childhood, Amrita says she is the youngest among three sisters; they used to go on a terrace and sit there for hours and share things.

Amrita says that it was difficult for her to move from the corporate world to academia. She believes that education plays a major role in one's life, so she dedicated herself to educating the youth.

Talking about her challenges, Amrita says she came from a Hindi-medium school. English was a big challenge for her when she was pursuing her MBA. However, she decided that she would not let a language become a barrier in her career. She worked hard and later realized that English speaking is an important skill and everyone should have this skill.

She also shares that initially she was on an H-4 visa in the US, because of which she was not allowed to work, whereas she wanted to learn something new every day. It was challenging for her to sit idle. Later, she started working with NGOs as a volunteer, which also helped her get better opportunities in the corporate world.

Sharing her achievements, Amrita says today she has become a public speaker, which is her biggest achievement.

Amrita believes that language is important to become a good public speaker, as she has seen students who are intelligent and creative but are afraid of presenting themselves because they are not good at English. Currently, she is into encouraging people and working on their public speaking skills to empower the youth of the country.

Talking about her writing, Amrita says she is an expressive person. She says that coming from a writing background, she got poetry writing as a family legacy as her maternal grandfather, who is also her inspiration, her mother, and her sister are all writers. Furthermore, society's stereotypes also motivate her to write.

When asked about her role models, Amrita says she looks up to her mother, who raised her and her sister very well. Furthermore, her mother-in-law also inspires her, as she is pursuing her master's degree and Ph.D. at the age of 60.

The quote that inspires Amrita is "Identify with oneself, move forward, live for oneself, and maintain self-awareness."

Advising people who want to follow a career in Management, Amrita says that even if you have a good education and degree, you still need to have soft skills like effective communication and interpersonal skills to succeed. That's because you're not going to be working alone in the real world, and working with a team requires certain skills. Furthermore, she advises people to be kind and respectful, as it matters a lot in business.

Amrita believes that education and experience are both important, but she thinks that education is more important in the early stages of a career, while experience becomes more important later on, especially in the corporate world.

Amrita advises the people of India that  they should utilize information in the most effective manner possible. Furthermore, people should also take a 360-degree view of things before making a decision.

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