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Aashisha Chakraborty, a Published Author and Sales Manager Who Dedicates All Her Time to Writing New Poetry & Stories After Her Day Job


Do what your heart says and always work in the field of your choice.
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February 2, 2023

Do what your heart says and always work in the field of your choice.
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A writer and blogger, Aashisha has always had a heart for writing. While balancing her job and her writing career, Aashisha has also published her first novel, and her second is on the way.

Aashisha is a writer, blogger, and columnist. She is a PM YUVA writing contest winner and a published author.

Aashisha describes herself as a sales manager by day and a scribbler by night. She has been writing short stories and poetry for the past seven years. She has recently published her novel, "Misadventures of a Sales Girl" published in 2022.

Speaking about her childhood, Aashisha says that she had a very uneventful childhood and had always been an A-grade student. She was a rebel, which came out in her poetry, and used to side with the underdogs of the school. On the education front, she did an engineering degree in computers from Jamia Millia Islamia and then an MBA from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade.

Aashisha says that being an author was never a plan but a lifestyle choice for her as she always loved writing. In sixth grade, she participated in an article writing competition, and in ninth grade, she wrote her holiday homework in such a way that made her social studies teacher believe that it was copied from some other book. With time, she got more and more into the creative field and modeled for some photographers, did anchoring, and participated in poetry recitation events, both in and out of Delhi.

During her engineering days, she became the editor of her college magazine, "Fiction." She began blogging in 2014 and was quickly nominated by IndiBlogger for Blogger of the Year Award. She participated in competitions organized by IndiBlogger and Bloggers Adda and also won a poetry contest at the Kafiya-Delhi Poetry Festival at the India Habitat Center and got published in its anthology. After that, Aashisha was found by Readomania and wrote short stories for them.

Aashisha further adds to her journey and says that then came Write India: Season 2 by The Times of India, and she won the prompt from Shobha De and came in the top six for the prompts from Manu Joseph and Twinkle Khanna.

Aashisha says that working as a sales intern at a big sales firm came as an eye-opener to her. She felt a huge desire to write about her experiences and wrote her first novel, which was eventually picked up by Rupa and published in 2022.

When asked about her inspirations, Aashisha says that she is a voracious reader and has gained inspiration from writers like Jane Austin, Oscar Wilde, Salman Rushdie, and others.

When asked about her success mantra, Aashisha says that her mantra has always been hard work, sheer persistence, and not taking shortcuts in life.

When asked about tough decisions in her life, Aashisha says that the toughest part has been juggling her corporate job with her writing passion. The other difficulty has been managing her social life and missing out on her friends.

Talking about experience and education, and the more important of the two, Aashisha says that both have their own respective place in life. She places a lot of importance on education, as learning the language and using it are very important skills to learn in her opinion. She feels that the initial fifteen years for a student are the formative years where they get exposure and have the highest retention to learn anything and everything. Aashisha says that the most important thing for an author is to read voraciously. She also feels that one has to love what they do, otherwise it will all turn into a burden.

Talking about the COVID-19 pandemic, Aashisha says she feels that it taught us a lesson related to the overexploitation of nature and how everything we do has a long-lasting impact on our lives. She feels that it taught us how powerful and powerless humans can be at the same time. Aashisha feels that it taught us to be careful about the climate and nature and try to look for quality in life over quantity.

On being asked about going back in time in a time machine to change something that she regrets, Aashisha says that she would like to do things all over again the same way even if given a time machine. However, she believes that some decisions, such as pursuing an engineering degree or changing her master's specialization, could have been different. Aashisha says that she would like to go back in time and tell her younger self to start writing earlier and be more disciplined in life.

In her free time, Aashisha likes to tend to her artistic side and do Mandala art, design new stuff, run, do yoga, and travel. Till now, she has traveled to more than fifty countries, including Europe, Canada, and Uganda. She also likes taking interviews and making podcasts of the same on Instagram.

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